Ignite Your Soul Promotion

Ignite Your Soul Promotion June 2017

Ignite Your Soul Author Event is a booksigning and reader event that I’ll be attending on September 30 in London, Canada. This month, they’re hosting a promotion and giveaway—and you could win some great prizes.

Visit the landing page to find out more!


2 thoughts on “Ignite Your Soul Promotion

  1. I just finished ‘Love Potion #9’. While I enjoyed the story, quite often it was necessary to reread a sentence because of miss spelling or wrong word. You could use a better proofer before going to print. I’ll continue to read your stories.


    • Hi Jane – Thanks for your comments. I wonder if you got the newest version. I updated that book last summer because of comments like yours, and asked Amazon to deliver it to all readers. They declined, because they said the updates weren’t significant. I’m not even sure which edition someone gets when they buy it now as other authors have found that Amazon continues to deliver the older version. The newest edition is version 1.1 on Amazon and was updated there in August 2016.

      I’d be happy to send you the updated version to your Kindle or email address. Just let me know!



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