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LilMissMolly was asking about the audio-editions of my books, so I thought I’d give you an update. This week, I just approved the final audio for The Rose Red Bride. That means it has to go through an approval process and be listed for sale—it will probably be available in about two weeks.

The Rose Red Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixThis book took longer to record because the narrator who is doing these books (Saskia Maarleveld) has been really busy. (I’m not her only fan, it’s clear.) She’s busy in 2015, as well, which means that although The Snow White Bride and The Ballad of Rosamunde are contracted for recording, they probably won’t be available for sale until May or so.

I love the sound of Saskia’s voice and the way she manages to make all of the family members at Kinfairlie sound distinct, but her schedule is making me think about future books. So, I have some questions for all of you who listen to audiobooks.

• Would you be troubled if The True Love Brides audiobooks were narrated by someone else?

• Do you prefer male or female narrators?

• Do you have any favourite narrators for historical romances?

6 thoughts on “Update on AudioBooks

  1. Since I listen to a variety of audiobooks and enjoy other narrators, I really don’t have an issue about changing voices. Saskia Maarleveld’s fiery telling will long captivate me. She’s is truly marvelous, but know I love others out there, too.

    I suspect whether female or male narrator depends on how much time is spent in whose POV. Each telling usually leans one way or another.

    I die over Brad Wills’s narrations–an extremely gifted man. Wayne Farrell’s narrations are poignant, unique, and moving. He brings each sentence to life. Louisa Gummer in A Jane Austen Daydream was very, very good, but don’t know if her tone would suit your stories. I also like Paul Woodson very much. If these narrators are new names to you, they are worth a sample listen..


  2. I really like it when the same narrator reads the entire trilogy or series (assuming he or she is awesome). By doing so it’s like you are more involved with and a part of the same family or circle of friends.
    I have no preferences between male and female narrators. As long as the reader can do the accents well and consistently, and have differing voices for the characters, that is what is important.



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