One of the nifty things I’ve learned about recently is an app called BookPulse. (My virtual assistant Angie found it and installed it for me, which is very cool.) Now my books have been added to my Facebook pages, on a tab called My Books. There are excerpts, quotes and reviews, plus buy links. There are more features available and I need a few new banners for series, but right now, this is where it’ll rest for a bit. (I need to write about dragons and Angie has other jobs to do first.) “Claire” also needs more backlist titles added to her page.

If you’re logged into FB, on my Claire Delacroix FB page, you can see the books right here.

On my Deborah Cooke FB page, they’re right here.

Or you can check them out on BookPulse: Delacroix books here, or Cooke books here.

Hmm. I forgot the fallen angels! I’ll have to go back in later this week and add them.

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