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Apple Promo July 2016

There’s a promotion this week in the iBooks store for 50% off complete romance series, running in Canada, US, UK, Ireland and Australia.

The True Love Brides Boxed Set of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixThe True Love Brides Boxed Set is part of this promotion.

Four magical medieval romances set in Scotland from the “Queen of Medieval Romance”, in which true love wins the day against the immortal Fae.

In The Renegade’s Heart, Isabella is captivated by the knight who arrives at Kinfairlie to challenge her brother, little realizing that Murdoch has been chosen by the Fae queen to be her prize. Murdoch knows himself to be doomed so takes on the quest of avenging his family before he succumbs to the Fae charm, never realizing that intrepid Isabella holds the key to his release- and his barricaded heart.

In The Highlander’s Curse, Garrett is captivated by shy Annelise, the sole woman whose touch eases the torment of his Fae curse. Awakened by his touch, Annelise resolves to save the highlander she loves from enemies who would destroy him for their own gain – no matter what the price.

In The Frost Maiden’s Kiss, Malcolm returns home from his years abroad, wanting only to rebuild his family holding of Ravensmuir. Tormented by his choices, he sees little value in his life and trades it away, only to meet a pregnant serving woman who gives new purpose to his days and nights. Can Catriona save this wounded warrior from being the Fae’s mortal tithe to Hell – or will she lose the man who has claimed her heart?

In The Warrior’s Prize, a bold maiden challenges a mercenary to change his life for the better, but when he takes her dare, Rafael both wins her love and puts himself in dire peril. Elizabeth fears her valiant warrior to be dead and surrenders herself to Fae captivity rather than live without him. Can Rafael save his beloved and seal the portal to the realm of the Fae forever?

This digital bundle includes all four full-length medieval Scottish romances with paranormal elements in the True Love Brides Series. In this boxed set are The Renegade’s Heart, The Highlander’s Curse, The Frost Maiden’s Kiss and The Warrior’s Prize.

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The Frost Maiden’s Kiss

The Frost Maiden's Kiss, a medieval romance and third book in the True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixThe Frost Maiden’s Kiss, a medieval romance and book #3 in my True Love Brides Series, is available today!

The incredible thing I realized last week was that Malcolm and Catriona’s story is my 50th full length book published. Wow. I guess I’ve been doing this for a while. 🙂

Without further ado, then, here are the deets:

She enchanted him with a kiss—but winning her love would demand all he possessed.

After eight years abroad, Malcolm returns to Scotland with a fortune, a companion even more hardened than he and a determination to restore his inherited holding. But when that companion falls into peril, Malcolm seizes the chance to repay an old debt, trading his own soul for that of his doomed comrade. Knowing his days are limited and determined to leave a legacy of merit, Malcolm rebuilds Ravensmuir with all haste, though he fears he will never have an heir.

A night of violence has left Catriona with no home and no faith in the honor of men. She expects little good from a visit to her lady’s brother, Laird of Ravensmuir, a known mercenary. But the handsome laird challenges her expectations with his courtesy, his allure—and his unexpected proposal. Knowing it is her sole chance to ensure her child’s future, Catriona dares to accept Malcolm’s hand. She soon realizes that this warrior fights a battle of his own and that she holds the key to his salvation. Little does she realize her past is in hot pursuit, seeking to destroy all she holds dear—including the laird who has thawed the frost of her reluctant heart.

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You can read an excerpt on the book page, right here.

Raffle Baskets

I’ve packed my raffle baskets for Lori Foster’s Reader-Author Get-Together, which will be next weekend near Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m taking three baskets.

First is the True Love Brides basket.This one includes trade paperback copies of all of the Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy, plus The Renegade’s Heart and The Highlander’s Curse. It also includes a Kinfairlie cross, which features in The Frost Maiden’s Kiss, coming in August. And there’s a True Love Brides hoodie, too.

Second is the Prometheus Project basket. This one includes trade paperback copies of all four books in the Prometheus Project. It also includes Lilia’s timepiece, so the winner doesn’t miss the end of the world as we know it. There’s a Prometheus Project tote bag in this one, too.

And third is the Dragonfire basket. This one includes trade paperback copies of The Dragon Legion Collection and Serpent’s Kiss, as well as a trade paperback copy of Flying Blind and mass market copies of both Kiss of Fire and Ember’s Kiss. There are Dragonfire earrings in Thorolf’s colourway, some Dragonfire temporary tattoos and a Dragonfire tote bag, too.

I also have a couple of Serpent’s Kiss tote bags and some more Dragonfire earrings in Thorolf’s colourway to give away. If you’re going to the conference, be sure to say hello! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

June Reader Contest

The Renegade's Heart, first in the True Love Brides series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixThe Highlander's Curse by NYT Bestselling author Claire Delacroix, #2 in her True Love Brides series of medieval romances.As usual, this month there is a reader contest on the blog. Since The Frost Maiden’s Kiss is coming out in August, I thought this month would be a good chance for you to catch up on the True Love Brides Series. This month, there are TWO prize books: one lucky winner will receive signed trade paperback copies of BOTH The Renegade’s Heart and The Highlander’s Curse.

As usual, the contest is open to international entries. As usual, for every 25 entries, I’ll add another prize (in this case, two prizes). To enter the contest, all you need to do is comment on this post. Remember that if you haven’t commented on this blog before, your comment will go to moderation instead of appearing immediately: it’s not lost, just waiting on me. 🙂

Updated Schedule

The Frost Maiden's Kiss, a medieval romance and third book in the True Love Brides series by Claire DelacroixNow that Thorolf is out in the world, I’ve been digging back into my writing. As I mentioned earlier, the publication of Serpent’s Kiss took a little longer than I’d expected. I also have some traveling scheduled for this month, so need to allow a buffer for that. I warned you  that I’d like change the schedule for the rest of the year, to leave a little more time for book files to make their way out into the world. Today is update day!

The Frost Maiden’s Kiss is the next book in my True Love Brides series of medieval romances. It will now be an August release. I’ll give you a firmer date once it’s off to my editor and her schedule is confirmed. I have changed the copy for The Frost Maiden’s Kiss—it has turned out that Catriona didn’t like my story as much as my own, and like my favorite characters, she’s gone and changed the story to suit herself. I’ve updated it here on the site.

I’m also trying to follow quickly with the publication of The Warrior’s Prize, and am aiming for October publication of that book. I’ll let you know closer in a couple of months as to how that’s going.

Also, there’s an additional title in the works for this summer, a collection of my own short stories and novellas called Beguiled. That is scheduled for July, so you will have some reading this summer from me.

Publishing Plans for 2014

Here’s the post that everyone reading one of my series looks for at the first of January: what am I planning to write and publish this year?

First, let’s talk about changes. Two big changes and a little one have occurred recently, all of which will influence my writing for the year ahead. First, more than a year ago, I took on a new creative challenge. I hoped it would be a great learning experience, and also help to refill my creative well (which was running a bit low). I also expected it to be of short duration. It went well and so it continued, which was both good and bad. It did teach me a lot, and fed my muse, but also consumed a lot more time than I’d anticipated. On the other hand, if I hadn’t done it, I might not have written very much more in that time than I did otherwise. The project was scheduled to come to a close in October but stretched itself into December. The good news is that the project is done, I won’t be doing any more of it, so I can put that creative energy into my own books.

The second change that just occurred is that we had to say goodbye to the Queen Bee, our standard poodle and companion for over thirteen years. She was sleeping more and eating less, but took a hard turn for the worse just before Christmas. We couldn’t let her suffer at all, so we made the hard choice to give her peace. It was only after she was gone that I realized how badly I’ve been sleeping—always listening for her!—and how stressful it’s been to watch her slip away. We miss her terribly, of course. There will be another poodle girl in our house, but not right away. We need some time.

The third change was smaller at this point, but would have influenced my schedule heavily in the year ahead. I decided to leave the Love Historicals group, which I just joined at the end of November. I had thought it would be fun and instructive to join with other authors to do joint promotion, but it turned out that we had very different ideas of how to promote ourselves. So, I’ll just carry on doing my own thing, which seems to be working out well enough.

All of these changes leave me with the sense that I’m crossing a threshold with the first of the year and also give me a sense of new possibilities. In 2013, I published the Dragon Legion novellas—three individually in digital format, then the collection in both print and digital—as well as Annelise’s story, The Highlander’s Curse. That’s one book for each of my author brands. Not nearly enough, but that other creative project took a lot of energy. For 2014, I’m planning to kick it up a notch, and publish at least two titles under each name.

Here’s the schedule as it looks right now:
First up will be Tupperman’s book, Abyss by Claire Delacroix. That title has been stalled because I couldn’t figure out the answer to the last of my editor’s very good questions. This past week, I figured it out and have been implementing that revision. You can expect to see Abyss this month: I’ll give you a more firm date once it goes to the formatter.

Next will be Thorolf’s book, Serpent’s Kiss by Deborah Cooke, which is Dragonfire #10. At this point, I’m hoping for an April publication date. I’ve added the excerpt from this one to the site now. I’ve also been talking to the cover designer and am very excited about her ideas. I’m hoping to have a cover to show you later this month.

My third release of the year will be Malcolm’s book, The Frost Maiden’s Kiss by Claire Delacroix, which is the third book in the True Love Brides series. I’m hoping for a June publication date on that one. I’ve also added that excerpt to the site. I’m also in the midst  of having Malcolm’s cover designed.

After this, things get a bit squishy. There will be another Dragonfire book this year and another True Love Brides book – the issue is what order they’ll be in.

I had been thinking that the fourth release would be Sloane’s book, Dragonfire #11, although I’m keeping the title a secret for the short term (although I know what it is). Sloane’s book will complete the current Dragonfire cycle.

Under the original plan, the fifth title released this year would have been Elizabeth’s book, again with a secret title, which is the True Love Brides #4 and the completion of that series.

The issue is that as I work on Malcolm’s book, it appears that Elizabeth’s story will occur almost simultaneously in the realm of the story. So, I’m thinking that the last two True Love Brides books should be released back to back, instead of six months apart. If I transpose the publication schedule, that puts Elizabeth’s book in August and Sloane’s book in November. We’ll talk about this more in May or so, when I have a more clear idea of how things are going to shake out.

Finally, there are several interesting projects in development on my desk, two of which I’d like to see launched before the end of 2014. The first is a new contemporary romance series, and the second, a new medieval romance series. Neither of these are linked to any existing works, but are fresh new worlds and characters. I’ve been working on the story bibles when I can and doing the research—I’m already in love with both series!

There are more ideas (of course) but I’ll have a better idea of what’s going to be possible in late 2014 and 2015 by the fall. Look for another update then.

For now, I need to get writing!