2 thoughts on “Rogues

  1. I just finished the first Trilogy , The Jewels Of Kinfairlie, by Claire Delacroix. I guess that means I should get the next one, about The Rogues… looks like it would be great. Thanks so very much for the most wonderful trilogy, that I have read, in a very long time. You keep your readers on their toes. While reading this book I had to hang tight, for fear of missing something very important and exciting. I have so very much to read, to get caught up!! Thank you so much for the most wonderful time; I can’t for the next adventure, that we will go on. What a wonderful read!


    • Hi Janice – I’m so glad you enjoyed the Jewels of Kinfairlie! To continue with the stories of the siblings, you would read The True Love Brides series next, starting with The Renegade’s Heart. The Rogues of Ravensmuir trilogy features the previous generation, although the stories are also linked. You can go forward in time or back!


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