Two Weddings & a Baby Available in Portuguese

Two Weddings & a Baby, book five of my Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances, is now available in a Portuguese edition, Dois Casamentos e Um Bebê!

Dois Casamentos e Um Bebê is the Portuguese edition of Two Weddings & a Baby, book five of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

É setembro em Manhattan e o clima está perfeito para um casamento – se não dois! Cassie e Reid se casam com estilo neste conto, enquanto Haley e Damon fazem seus votos cercados por amigos e familiares. O filho de Shannyn e Tyler chegará a tempo para as festividades? Junte-se à equipe F5F enquanto celebram dois casamentos, dão as boas-vindas ao primeiro filho dos sócios e realizam mudanças para construir o futuro de sua academia.

My Kickstarter Plan for 2023

The Dragonfire Novels omnibus hardcover editions at Kickstarter through January 7, 2023

I’m thrilled with the results of my first Kickstarter campaign ever. The 15th Anniversary HardCover Omnibus Editions of the Dragonfire Novels funded at 350% which was great. Now, there’s processing at Kickstarter’s end (they have to collect the money pledged) and in two or three weeks, I’ll be able to start fulfillment. In the meantime, I’ll be finishing up the designs of the family tree postcards – I’ll probably order them from the printer – and finalizing the interiors of the hardcover editions. I plan to send the downloadable coloring page and digital wallpaper to all backers next week, even before I’m paid. I’m also working on Orion’s story, Kiss of Enchantment, which is shaping up really well. I’ll order a cover for it when I’m further along with the story.

What happens next? I’ve already had several people ask where they can get the omnibus editions now that the Kickstarter campaign is over. Well, they’re only available via Kickstarter, so the real question is when will they be offered with another campaign there. My plan for 2023 is to work on building my platform at KS, so I’ll be offering other existing series in new editions – with the occasional addition like Kiss of Enchantment.

Based on this campaign’s performance, I’m not going to bother with stretch goals and my new campaigns will be shorter. They’ll be more like flash sales and limited-time opportunities to buy both digital content from me and signed print books. I’ll only be selling print books directly through Kickstarter. In 2024, I plan to offer more new content through Kickstarter and Patreon early, before it’s available at the portals.

Kickstarter campaign for 25th anniversary hard cover omnibus editions of the Bride Quest by Claire Delacroix

Kickstarter requires one campaign to be completely fulfilled before I can create even a landing page for a new one, so my planned campaigns for this year won’t have long previews. My second campaign will be for my alter-ego Claire and will feature hardcover omnibus editions of the Bride Quest trilogies. There will be two omnibus editions, one for each trilogy, and the covers will look a lot like the digital bundles. That will run in the spring, ideally in April, but maybe in May.

The Dragon Diaries illustrated hardcover omnibus edition by Deborah Cooke at Kickstarter

My third campaign will be for a hardcover omnibus edition of The Dragon Diaries with interior illustrations. (I’m excited about this!) This trilogy isn’t currently available in new print editions (there are used copies available of the NAL trade paperbacks) and I’ve always wanted to gather Zoë’s story into a single volume. That campaign will run in the summer. I may offer the Dragonfire hardcover omnibus editions as add-ons in that campaign.

I’d like to run another Delacroix Kickstarter in the fall, but we’ll see how the timing works out. Fulfillment of print editions can be an issue in November and December. Ideally, there will be a Dragonfire Kickstarter campaign for new stories in January 2024 and the hardcover omnibus editions will definitely be offered in that campaign.

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I’m also going to start sharing Kickstarter campaigns with you that I find intriguing, so that you can get an idea of what’s available there. Here’s one from Lainey Davis featuring new covers for her contemporary sports romance series, The Stag Brothers. I think these covers are so pretty, and she’s adding illustrations to the interiors, too.

The Final Hours

15th anniversary hardcover omnibus editions of the Dragonfire Novels available at Kickstarter December 27, 2022 to January 7, 2023

My Kickstarter campaign for 15th Anniversary HardCover Omnibus editions of the Dragonfire Novels ends tonight, Saturday January 7 at 8PM. 

Dragonfire Novel book charm earrings made by Deborah Cooke

This is the last chance to reserve your copies of:

• any or all of the hard cover omnibus editions. These won’t be available at retailers. Through this campaign, you can also order your copies signed and with the pages gilded.

• an advance copy of the next Dragonfire Novel, Kiss of Enchantment, in April 2023. This book won’t be available elsewhere before November 2023.

• the printed Dragonfire family trees, which are only available through this campaign.

• the BookWorm swag pack, which now includes the printed family trees, a gemstone bracelet of your choice and a pair of book charm earrings with the cover of the Dragonfire Novel of your choice.

• the Complete Dragonfire Series ebook bundle, available only at Kickstarter.

All Deborah’s Dragons, an ebook bundle only for Kickstarter of all my dragon shifter romances.

• Digital wallpaper for desktop and phone of the art from Serpent’s Kiss.

• a downloadable bookmark to print and color.

Don’t miss out! Visit the landing page now!

Gilded Book Pages and Dragonfire Book Charm Earrings

15th anniversary hardcover omnibus editions of the Dragonfire Novels available at Kickstarter December 27, 2022 to January 7, 2023

There are only three days left of my Kickstarter campaign, and this will be my last post about it here. (Well, there might be a recap post in the next week or two. We’ll see about that.)

Today, I have two new bonuses added to the reward tiers.

First, those who order signed hard cover copies of the omnibus editions will have the option of having the pages of their books gilded. This is a new trick I’ve learned to do and it looks pretty awesome. Obviously, you have to order a hard cover omnibus to have this choice, and it has to be a signed copy, since those are the ones that will be delivered to me. I’ll gild the pages (if you like) before packing and shipping the book(s) to you.

Secondly, I’ve added Dragonfire earrings made from my book charms as a bonus for the tiers with the signed hard cover omnibus editions and the BookWorm swag pack. These are my miniature books with Dragonfire covers on them – you can choose which cover you’d like on the books on your earrings.

Don’t forget that the Kickstarter campaign ends Saturday!

Tick Tock – Time is Running Out!

The Dragonfire HC Omnibus editions are a Project We Love at Kickstarter

Yesterday, my campaign for the Dragonfire Novel Hardcover Omnibus editions won the Project We Love banner at Kickstarter, which is hugely exciting.

We’re approaching the end of the campaign, which features hardcover omnibus editions of The Dragonfire Novels, as well as a number of items available exclusively in this campaign.

Here’s the updated video of Dragonfire Quest, the first omnibus edition.

One of these items is the printed Dragonfire family trees – I’ve set up eight of them so far and there will be either twelve or fourteen in all. There’s a working version of the Roman Line I at the left, and the green is the reverse side of the cards. They’ll be 6 x 9″ in side and each set will come in an envelope.

The Roman Line I Family tree for the Pyr in Deborah Cooke's Dragonfire series of paranormal romances
Reverse side of the printed Dragonfire family tress
legend for the Dragonfire family trees

You can see that there’s color coding for more information: here’s my volunteer with the legend, who appears on several (but not all) cards. (Since everyone will have a complete set of the cards, he doesn’t need to be on every one.

These cards will only be available through the Kickstarter, so if you want them, check out the Signed Omnibus Editions or the BookWorm swag pack.

Another thing that’s only available at Kickstarter, at least until November, is the next Dragonfire Novel, Kiss of Enchantment.

I loved writing the Dragonfire Novels and have been pushing around the idea of this story for a while. In the Dragon Legion Novellas, the darkfire crystal takes Drake and the Dragon’s Tooth Warriors on a whirlwind trip through time and space. Alexander returns to his mate in Kiss of Danger, Damien encounters his mate again in Kiss of Darkness and Thad has his firestorm in Kiss of Destiny. Over the course of their journey, individual Pyr leave the company. There are nine who vanish over the course of the adventure: Lidio, Aeson, Cletus, Milo, Ignatio, Ashe, Tyrone, Peter and Orion. In the end, only Drake returns to the present time.

When Orion leaves the company in Kiss of Darkness, he is following the spark of his firestorm. Damien and Drake believe they are in Rome, in the 1970’s, when Orion feels that spark. They then conclude that each warrior who has left the company has been left in the right time and place to experience his firestorm. We can guess that these aren’t going to be ordinary firestorms: Alexander and Thad had to battle a time-travelling Slayer in their firestorms, while Damien entered Hades for Petra, and Thad followed Aura to the Garden of the Hesperides and bargained with a goddess for his firestorm’s future.

Kiss of Enchantment is Orion’s story and the first tale of these lost warriors. I’m having a wonderful time with this story – since we’re starting this epic romance in the 1970’s, there are still Slayers alive. They’re drawn to the spark of the firestorm, so two familiar faces have already appeared. The story starts with the firestorm and a dragon fight, plus it includes a bunch of mystery and history, so I’m having a wonderful time writing it.

Kiss of Enchantment will be delivered to Kickstarter backers in April. It will not be published at the portals before November and might remain exclusive to Kickstarter and Patreon even then. I’m still working out those details.

You can read Kiss of Enchantment in April for $10 CA commitment in the Kickstarter campaign, available only through Saturday January 7.

And here’s my shiny new profile at Patreon, if you want to follow me there.