The Next Kickstarter Campaign

I’m still finishing up the fulfillment for the Dragonfire Omnibus Kickstarter campaign – which will only be completed when the ebook of Kiss of Enchantment is delivered to those who ordered an advance copy through the campaign – but am already planning my next campaign.

My next Kickstarter will feature new print editions of The Dragon Diaries trilogy. Since there were still some of Penguin’s trade paperbacks out in the marketplace when I republished the books, I haven’t done new paperback editions yet. That will change in May. There will be new trade paperbacks of the three books, available first at Kickstarter. They’ll be available at the various portals in the fall.

There will also be a hardcover illustrated omnibus edition of The Dragon Diaries. This will have a new cover and interior illustrations, and will be available only at Kickstarter. If you order a copy during this campaign, you’ll be able to get your copy signed by me, but you’ll also be listed in the acknowledgements of this edition. I’ve wanted to do an omnibus for a while and am excited about this edition. I’ll show you the cover when I can. (It’s getting close to completion.)

There’s a cumulative effect at Kickstarter, especially in the add-on tiers. So, you’ll be able to order the omnibus Dragonfire editions as add-ons in The Dragon Diaries campaign. The acknowledgements in those books are fixed now, and you’ll be able to get them personalized instead of signed, but they’ll also be a bit cheaper than they were before. (Less postage for one thing. The signed copies have to be shipped to me in Canada before being shipping to you, and our postage is expensive.)

Of course, there will be special swag. I’ll offer a swag box with each Kickstarter, since that’s fun and means that you can buy just the swag if you already have the ebooks.

Now you know the plan! You can keep watching here for more details, and/or follow me on Kickstarter to be notified of new campaigns.