July Update

Since we’re in the lull before the storm – as I move to having new releases finished several months before publication – I thought it would make sense to start giving you a monthly update of my progress. This way, you’ll see that things are happening, even though there aren’t covers etc. to share just yet. I’ve been less active on social media this year, which is great for my writing but not so great for visibility. Writing makes me happier, so I’m going to continue on this path.

Let’s have a look at what’s in the works.

A Baron for All Seasons, book three of the Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romances by Claire Delacroix

I’ve been writing several projects simultaneously, which is always a happy situation when I can make it happen. I have nearly finished A Baron for All Seasons, which is book #3 of my Brides of North Barrows series of Regency romance novellas. (It might be done by the time you read this.) The plan is for it to be included in a holiday anthology this fall – details to come – then it will be published on its own, probably in March or so. This is Anthea and Rupert’s story – we met them both in book #2, A Duke by Any Other Name. Novellas always take me longer than I expect: even though they have a lower word count, I have to be more careful with the structure to fit everything in.

I’ve also written about half of Eurydice’s story, which will be book #4 and the final story in the series. Details on that to come, though it will probably have a simultaneous (or close to it) publication with book #3. It’s interesting to me how different the two stories are in some ways: Anthea’s book is a second chance romance with elements from previous books to resolve, too, while Eurydice’s book is straightforward fun. Moving between the two stories helps me make progress.

The Pinterest board is still in work.

There will be a boxed set of this series available in ebook and trade paperback, likely in time for Christmas 2022. (It felt odd to type that date!)

Just the Wrong Twin, book nine of the Flatiron Five Fitness series of contemporary romances by Deborah Cooke

I’ve also been working on Sonia and Nate’s story, Just the Wrong Twin, which is a lot of fun. The first third of a book always involves a lot of back and forth for me, and reconsideration of the structure, as well as getting to know more about the characters. You can see some of my ideas about Nate and Sonia on the Pinterest board for the book. This story will be published in October.

In the Flatiron Five world, there’s a new boxed set for Flatiron Five Tattoo, available in both ebook and trade paperback. I’m debating how to break up the main series into boxed sets (two or three?) and you should see some thing available soon.

When I get stuck on Just the Wrong Twin, I’ve been diving into Aidan’s book – again, this is a similar dynamic. Sonia and Nate’s story has a lot of elements to carry forward from previous books, some that need to be resolved in this book, and I need to ensure consistency with the existing world of Flatiron Five Fitness. Aidan’s book, in contrast, will be the launch of a new series with new characters. There aren’t that many details about that corner of my fictional world that have been defined. There’s a Pinterest board for the new series, as well, but I haven’t made it public yet – I’ll do that when the book has a title, cover, and publication date. For the moment, though, I’m loving how sparks fly between Aidan and Meredith. Talk about opposites attracting! My hope is to have the first two books at least publish next summer, so we can have a more rapid publication schedule. That means getting them written and edited ahead of time.

My other project in the works is the next book in my Blood Brothers series, The Hunter & the Heiress, which I’d like to see published in December or January. (Fingers crossed.) I’ve booked the narrator for the audio already and am trying to have a simultaneous audio-ebook-print publication for the first time.

Book #1, The Wolf & the Witch, is available now. Here’s the Pinterest board for the series:

First Knights, a boxed set of four medieval romance series starters by Claire Delacroix

I have a new boxed set from Claire of series starters called First Knights, which will be published in August. This sampler is a good deal and a chance to see which of my medieval romance series you like best.

I’m also looking at updating some covers. My time travel romances have come out of Kindle Unlimited and are due for a fresh look. I’ll wait on the new covers before republishing them at the other portals. My cover designer is really busy this summer!

Translations are continuing, too. I have two new Spanish editions each month and the pre-orders are available for them through the end of the year. So far, my team has completed the Champions of St. Euphemia series and Flatiron Five Tattoo. We’re working on the Jewels of Kinfairlie and Flatiron Five Fitness now. The full-length romances are available in both ebook and trade paperback in translation.

I also have German, Italian and Portuguese translations of my medieval romances available and more in the works.

DragonFate is also being translated, which is quite cool. Maeve’s Book of Beasts is available in Italian now, as well as in Spanish, and I expect Dragon’s Kiss to be available in both languages in August or September. Maeve’s Book of Beasts should be available in Portuguese then, too.

And that’s where I’m at for the end of July. 🙂 I’ll keep writing (and weeding my garden) and will give you another update in a month. I hope you’re well!