From the Keeper Shelf – 3

It’s a little bit sad to write about this book, which I love, because the author very recently passed away.

Daughter of Prophecy by Anne Kelleher BushDaughter of Prophecy was written by Anne Kelleher Bush. I have the original Warner Aspect edition from 1995, with that gorgeous cover by Thomas Canty.

Oh, I loved this book! It’s a magical, marvelous blend of science fiction and fantasy with a dash of romance. It’s set in a dystopian future in which America has reverted to a kind of feudalism – and a king allies with a sorceress in an attempt to build an empire. The worldbuilding is fabulous. There’s a lot of conflict in this book and it’s a compelling read, faintly medieval in tone – and yes, there’s even a map. (You know how much I love maps.)

It was first in a series, but – as is so often the case when I love book one – I didn’t continue to read the series. I am the only person in the world who prefers standalone books over series – except when I read mysteries. C’est la vie.

It appears that this book is out of print, so you’d only be able to buy the edition I have as a used book. There is an ebook edition available in Kindle Unlimited, which links to an author page with her subsequent books published as Anne Kelleher, but doesn’t link to the original book. (Possibly because the author name is different.) I’m not sure why the cover artist – whose work isn’t on this new edition – is listed as a co-author on the new edition, but there you go.

Here’s the book on Goodreads.

Here’s the Warner mass market paperback listing on

Here’s the new ebook edition at

It doesn’t appear that Anne Kelleher has a website right now, but that might be in transition. What happens with her work going forward will depend upon the choices made by her literary estate. You might want to follow her at Amazon or Bookbub to receive updates.