Moving Dates

Bad Case of Loving You, book #6 in the Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances by Deborah CookeThis year, I’m determined to get ahead of my publication schedule, so that books are done and loaded well in advance of publication. This will make it easier for me to plan and also to promote those books. This means I need to delay publication on some things. In future, I won’t tell you what I’m working on until it’s loaded for pre-order (and done). So, we’re in a little transition phase.

First up, the publication date for Bad Case of Loving You moved to April 16.

Next, One Knight’s Return‘s publication date moved to May 21.

Third, Some Like It Hot moved the fall – it now has an October 29 publication date. At this point, I’m thinking it will be the last Flatiron Five book, but we’ll see.

What goes in the gaps?

Under the Mistletoe, a contemporary Christmas romance and #4 in the Secret Heart Ink series by Deborah CookeUnder the Mistletoe will be a September release. It makes more sense to publish a Christmas book in the fall than in the spring, after all. I’ll give you the links once it’s loaded at the portals. Chynna’s story will be the last Secret Heart Ink book

Here Be Dragons will be a July release, one way or the other. Again, I’ll give you the links once it’s loaded at the portals.

What comes after that? I’ll tell you once the links are live! I have so many covers that I’ve already commissioned, but might do something entirely new.