Moving the Furniture

Today, I started to reorganize my main website. (That’s this one.) Although I loved the idea of having one encyclopedic reference to all of my books, the site had too much content to be easily navigated.

My alter ego Claire Delacroix has moved over to her own website, which is where you’ll find information about my historical romances. Since most of the digital book files now have their endmatter updated, Claire’s books are no longer on this website. I’ll be focusing the blog posts, too, so you might want to follow Claire’s blog if you’re interested in my historical romances. It’s right here.

The Dragons of Incendium also have their own website. This is mostly because the world guides are there. I’ve activated the blog on that site, so if you’re interested in that series, you might want to follow it, too. The Dragons of Incendium used to have their own newsletter, but now they’re included in the Dragons & Angels newsletter.

The other blogs are geared to new releases. My musings and Fibre Friday will still be posted here.

The Kindle Unlimited page is now on Claire’s site, because it’s my historicals that are enrolled in KU. Similarly, the Audio page is gone, because it’s primarily my historicals that are available in audio. (If that changes, the Audio page here will come back.) Over on Claire’s site, I put the information about each audio edition on the page for that book.

The Book List on this site includes Deborah Cooke books. The Book List on Claire’s site includes Claire Delacroix books. The Dragons of Incendium books are listed on that site, too.

These changes leave us some room to stretch here on this site. You’ll see on the menu bar that the books are sorted differently. There are three new tabs: Heroes is where you’ll find my contemporary romances. Dragons is where you’ll find my paranormal romances. Knights contains a link to Claire’s site, where you’ll find my historical romances. Each of these three tabs has a sign-up link to my newsletter for that subgenre.

There are also some changes at the store. It’s still the place to buy signed print copies of my books. I’m switching over the digital books, though, to have them delivered by BookFunnel when you buy them in my online store. I’ll be offering new releases there at 30% off for a limited time around the publication date. Also, books that are going into Kindle Unlimited will be available via my store for a short period first. I don’t think I’ll do the book samples anymore. There will be some exclusive content in the store this year, as well, so stay tuned for details about that.

Next up, I think I’ll change the theme on this site. It’s due for a new look.

What do you think of the new organization?