Book + Main Site

Book + MainThere’s a new social media site for romance readers called Book + Main which is free for readers. The idea is that you can browse (or search for) “bites”, which are samples from author’s books. You’ll find everything from meet-cutes to sparkling dialogue to steamy scenes in these bites. You can comment on the bites, bookmark them or share them, and you can click through to buy the book in question on Amazon or iBooks. You can follow specific authors and you can look for new ones—you can search by genre, by trope or by hashtag. I think it will be a fun way to find new authors in your favorite sub-genres.

You can sign up here.

There’s a blog post here by one of the founders of Book + Main on how to use the site.

I like how the site looks and am giving it a try. I haven’t been approved to post bites yet, but you can find me and follow me right here.