March Print Book Giveaway

It’s time for another signed book giveaway. Last month, I gave away a copy of my Scottish time travel romance The Last Highlander. Michelle W was the winner. Congrats, Michelle!

The Beauty, book #2 of the Bride Quest II trilogy of Scottish medieval romances and a NYT bestselling title, by Claire DelacroixThis month’s prize book is a signed trade paperback copy of The Beauty. This is a Scottish medieval romance and one of my personal favorites. It was also the first of my books to land on the New York Times list of bestselling books, so it has another special place in my heart.

“Four stars! A tale to warm a winter’s night.”—Romantic Times

In this story, Angus has returned from crusade, injured and disillusioned, to discover that his family home has been stolen. The only thing he wants is vengeance. I really enjoy how Jacqueline helps him rediscover the man he once was—because she sees the truth in him and believes in his goodness.

Just comment on this post for your chance to win a signed copy of this book. Tell me why you love a wounded hero or a story in which love does conquer all. Good luck!

Edited to add – this month’s winner is Lisa M. Congrats Lisa! And thanks to everyone who entered.

Please check out the April book giveaway.

37 thoughts on “March Print Book Giveaway

  1. I think the reason the so many of us love a broken hero is because all of us has experience heartbreak at some point, so we identify with him and experience a strong sense of satisfaction and release when he discovers his “happy ever after.” It gives us hope that, someday, we might find our own happy ending.


  2. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is my favourite Faerytale. I love a wounded hero who finds healing, understanding and redemption by true love’s grace and compassion. It is a story of faith, and hope, and the unwavering belief that there truly is light and beauty in the darkest of nights, and that true love does indeed conquer all. Thank you for this fabulous chance. I love all of your books. Happy reading and writing. ❤📚


  3. I love ALL your books!!! I am working my way through them all as finances allow. I am a huge fan. Thank you for the opportunity you provide to receive free books.


  4. A wounded hero always melts my heart. It shows that no matter how strong and brave he is, he can also be vulnerable. I really like when he is open to letting someone help to heal his heart and show him that it doesn’t make him any less of a man to admit when he needs help. Thanks for the chance to win one of your wonderful books.


  5. I love stories with wounded hero’s or where love conquers all because it gives you another thing to root for to have a great outcome. Thank you!


  6. Thank you! I’m always eager to get my hands on “more'” books. Though my husband keeps saying he is going to start refusing to build me anymore shelves. Hehehe We have been married 16yrs. & he is still building. So… bring on the books.


  7. Love conquers all and getting into a relationship is quite daunting. I love reading lovers overcoming the bumps in the road that affect their relationship;.


  8. Long have I been a fan of Deborah Cooke (Claire Delacroix). I am especially proud of the fact that she resides in Canada. In truth, her many works inspired me to become an author. I know naught where she obtains her ideas, her story lines, as numerous as they are: historical romance, paranormal romance, time travel romance, fantasy romance, contemporary romance, fantasy with romantic elements. I find that I am quite partial to the medieval setting without knowing why. I love the fact that I can easily escape with one of her books in hand.


  9. I love wounded heroes because it’s exciting to read about a hero who has no hope in life and see everything bleak and dark but then here’s come the heroine who will bring new hopes and brightness into his life and teaches him how to love once again. Can you say awww? lol. Anyways, thank you for this opportunity. Good luck to everyone.


  10. I am not sure why i love them but there’s something about a ‘love conquers all’ story that makes my heart melt …
    wounded heroes are just broken and in need of love and TLC


  11. I love stories where love conquer all because to often these days people look at true love as something that’s never gonna happen. When it does. Reading books that make us crave the kind of love that conquers all keeps us hoping and dreaming for it and if we stay open to it, who knows what can happen. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy of your book. It’s really appreciated. 🙂


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