Guest Post from Jerrica Knight-Catania on the Haunting of Castle Keyvnor

Our “Behind the Scenes” in the making of the Haunting of Castle Keyvnor series continues! Today’s guest blog post is from Jerrica Knight-Catania. Please welcome Jerrica!

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The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor, a Regency romance collection

I know Ava Stone has already told you all about our 2014 trip to New Orleans and how it sparked the idea for our first (but not last!!) Regency Halloween anthology, but before I dive into the inspiration for my own Castle Keyvnor story, I just want to relive that trip for a moment…

Regency romance author Jerrica Knight-CataniaLate night ghost tours through the French Quarter, jambalaya and gumbo at every meal, so many Pimms Cups I was practically oozing the stuff…sigh. I do love New Orleans, so thanks for indulging me for a moment J

Now onto Possessed by the Stranger! I always love when Ava Stone asks me to write her heroine’s sister. It’s almost as if we get to be real sisters for the time being. So when she asked if I wanted to do it for this anthology, I eagerly said yes! But where her character isn’t terribly fond of the haunted castle, mine is more than excited to be spending a week in one. Putting the sisters at odds with one another adds a touch of realism to the stories, but of course the girls always have one another’s backs!

As for my hero, I’m rather fond of him. A beta hero if there ever was one, he’s kind and gentle, not one for whoring or over-imbibing. He’s steady and loyal, and just what Lady Samantha needs, so hopefully nothing will stand in their way!

Now, get your hot cider and snuggly blanket ready, and hunker down for some spooky, historical fun!

USA Today Best Selling Author, Jerrica Knight-Catania, knew from an early age that she was destined for romance. She would spend hours as a young girl sitting in a chair by an open window, listening to the rain, and dreaming of the day Prince Charming would burst in and declare his undying love for her. But it wasn’t until she was 28-years-old, tired of her life in the theater, that she turned her focus toward writing Regency Romance novels. All her dreaming paid off, and she now gets to relive those romantic scenes she’d dreamt up as a child as she commits them to paper. She lives in sunny Palm Beach with her real life Prince Charming, their Princess-in-training and their precious pup, Pumpkin.

Visit Jerrica’s official website to learn more about her other books, the Wetherby family and to see what’s new in her writing world!

Mystified, an anthology of Regency romance novellas by Renee Bernard, Jerrica Knight-Catania and Erica MonroePossessed by a Stranger by Jerrica Knight-Catania
Lady Samantha Priske can hardly wait to make herself scarce in the allegedly haunted residence of her late great uncle, the Earl of Banfield. And when she meets a handsome stranger who is blessedly not a relation, she finds herself flirting uncharacteristically with him. Chadwick Kendall isn’t thrilled to be at Castle Keyvnor for the blasted will reading. His father is dying, and he’d rather be by his side. But Chad finds something at Castle Keyvnor far more valuable than anything the earl could have left for him: A beautiful redhead, whom he must convince to be his bride.

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