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The Dragons of Incendium is a paranormal romance series featuring dragon shape shifter heroines. These are also SF romances – Incendium is the home planet of these shifters. These are novellas, with short stories released in between. They should be read in order.

This series is completely separate from Dragonfire.

On the far side of the galaxy, two planets, Regalia and Incendium, are locked into orbit around a dying sun. Since the Queen of Regalia has twelve sons, and the King of Incendium has twelve daughters, it is clear to both monarchs that the time has come to put their differences aside and compel at least one pair of their children to marry. A prophecy that Drakina, the oldest daughter of the house of Incendium, will bear a son who will save the planet simply adds to the parental desire for a wedding, soon.

The sons of Regalia are champions and knights. The daughters of Incendium are dragon shifters, fiery princesses with appetites beyond all expectation.

The first royal match does not work out well.

The Dragons of IncendiumWyvern's Mate, book #1 in the Dragons of Incendium series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke have their own website. You’ll find book descriptions, character listings, a glossary and buy links on that site. There’s just a list of the books on this site – look on the menu bar under Deborah Cooke Books. There’s a tab called Incendium and you can see the books in order, but the links on that page will take you to the Dragons of Incendium site. Clicking on the cover below is like stepping into a wormhole in space – click and *whoosh* you’ll be on the Incendium site. 🙂

The Dragons of Incendium series begins with:

Wyvern’s Mate

Nero’s Dream
(a short story)

Wyvern’s Prince