New Perk for Newsletter Subscribers

I’m going to add a free read to my monthly newsletter, starting with the April edition.

I tried this before, but wasn’t happy with the mechanism of delivering the content to you. Now, my newsletter provider has a nifty way to do it, so we’ll give it a try.

What will the free read be? Well, it’ll vary each month. It might be a story that’s already available but you may not have read. It might be a first peek at something new. It might be a serialization. It might be dragons. It might be knights. It might be something else. 🙂 I’ll try some different options and see what subscribers like best. The free read will be available each month in EPUB or MOBI format.

If you haven’t learned to sideload content onto your e-reader, you can practice with the free reads in my online store.

Have you subscribed to my newsletter yet? Maybe it’s time! Here’s the link.

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