Last August, a group of authors put together an audiobook promotion called #AugustAudio. Most of us gave away an audiobook per day for the month of August. We’re doing it again for the month of December – welcome to #XmasAudio.

The Frost Maiden's Kiss audiobookSo, let’s start the month of audiobook giveaways with three copies of The Frost Maiden’s Kiss in audio. This medieval Scottish romance is book #3 of my True Love Brides series and my latest audiobook release. It’s narrated by Saskia Maarleveld, who has narrated this series and my Jewels of Kinfairlie series.

The Frost Maiden’s Kiss in audio is available at Amazon, Audible and Apple.

For your chance to win, add a comment to this post explaining why you like audiobooks – or why you’d like to try one. Only those who have not already won an audiobook from me this year are eligible to win. As always, if and when you win an audiobook, it’s lovely for you to leave a review. ๐Ÿ™‚

There are three prizes, one for each of three days, so we’ll pick and post winners on Friday. There will be another audiobook giveaway posted then.

Look for the hashtag #XmasAudio on Twitter for more chances to win!

Good luck!

23 thoughts on “#XmasAudio

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  3. I love them because they help me escape reality for awhile. Not that reality is bad, mind you, but it’s nice to dream of far away places. They keep me motivated to be on my feet and get things done. I clean at night when my minions are sleeping. Thank you for the opportunity!


  4. Audio books are fantastic when I travel. A couple times a month I drive to reno and back, roughly 5 hours, and audio books make the trip fly by.


  5. I’ve never tried an audio book before but like Stephmb5 said it would make getting work done a lot more fun. Sounds like it could turn into a habit so I don’t feel alone when working in my home. I can live in someone else’s world while I’m busy with mine! Thanks for the chance, now I’m very interested.; p


  6. I love audiobooks as they give me a reason to clean the house or do other things while I read. Without audiobooks, I would never clean the house! Books always come first. Now that I am getting older, the print gets harder to read too.


  7. I love to listen to audiobooks when I travel. A few times a month I have to drive to and from Reno which is about 5 hours round trip. Listening to a book helps that travel time fly by, while keeping me totally engaged and entertained.


  8. I love audio books. When i get into a book, its so hard putting it down. I have a lot of those moments, “Ill get done what i need to after this chapter”, and 6 chapters later, im still saying the same thing. lol Listening to the book, i can cook, clean, drive, or sit with my eyes closed and just imagine! I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€ Though, i guess in some ways, its so nice being spoiled. Being read to…*sigh* lol Thank you for the chance to win!


  9. I love audiobooks because I can listen to them while driving, cleaning the house, laying on the beach or by the pool. I listen to them in the evening when my family is watching Tv. But most of all I like to get them because my mother has a disability that makes it difficult for her to read a real book or e-reader so I can put them on an iPod for her and she can still enjoy the stories she has always loved to read but listen to them now.


  10. I have over 200 audiobooks because my mom is disabled and can’t hold a real book anymore but loves her stories. I’m always trying to find new books for her to listen to. It helps her pass her days better. Although she lives with me and i take care of her there are times I have to leave her home during the day to run errands. The books help her pass the time.


  11. I just started listening to audio and I’m hooked! I love it! I listen to my audiobooks instead of the radio when I’m in the car and doing housework.


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