The True Love Brides Boxed Set

The True Love Brides Boxed Set of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixThis digital bundle includes all four full-length medieval Scottish romances with paranormal elements in the True Love Brides Series. In this boxed set are The Renegade’s Heart, The Highlander’s Curse, The Frost Maiden’s Kiss and The Warrior’s Prize.

It’s available only from iBooks and Kobo at a special price, and can be pre-ordered for February 16, 2016.

2 thoughts on “The True Love Brides Boxed Set

  1. Darnit! I just bought all those books last week! Awe well. Individually or a boxed set I am sure they are all treasures. I need to finish my current series up first then I am on my way back to yours!


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