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I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, and seem to have run into a batch featuring lawyers. Not sure why it happened that way – I really do buy books based on their covers, seldom read the copy or blurb, and when I’m on a binge like this, I buy only authors who are new to me. It’s a discovery thing.

This round, I’ve found some real duds. (Too bad they had great covers.) I’ve found a couple that just weren’t for me – mixing real violence with the sex will do that, every time. I just don’t believe that men who treat women with violence during intimacy can ever be redeemed. Call me a skeptic.

I read one that had terrific dialogue, very very funny, and a flawed protagonist. I chewed through it in one night, but in the end, meh. Every character was self-absorbed and interested only in his or her own goals. They weren’t people I wanted to know. They weren’t sympathetic. And that made them completely forgettable.

And then there is this gem: Sustained by Emma Chase. Jake talks tough and he is tough, but he’s also a big ol’ marshmallow. Watching him be melted down by Chelsea and her brood of nephews and nieces is a treat. The writing is crisp, Jake’s voice is crystal clear, and the pacing is exactly right. One of the best romances I’ve read in a long time. Don’t miss it. 🙂

Sustained on Amazon and iBooks.


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