Print Books at Chapters/Indigo

The Dragon Legion Collection, including all three Dragon Legion novellas and #9 in the Dragonfire series of paranormal romances, by Deborah CookeOne of the things I’ve been working on this fall is finally coming to fruition. I’ve been making print editions of my books available through Ingrams. They still remain available through Createspace and Amazon, but other booksellers (and libraries) often prefer to buy from Ingrams. One of the reasons is that Ingrams lets indie authors make their books returnable, while Createspace does not. Bookstores prefer to have that option.

Last summer, I listed the final three Dragonfire novels at Ingrams as well as the True Love Brides series and my new Champions of Saint Euphemia series. This fall’s job was continuing through all the backlist.

Guardian, book #2 of the Prometheus Project of urban fantasy romances by Claire DelacroixWith some help from the good people at Ingrams, I’ve got the books now available there, and sure enough, they’re starting to show up as available on the Chapters/Indigo website. There will be more, but here are the new additions to their online catalogue today:

Third Time Lucky
One More Time


The Beauty by NYT Bestselling Author Claire DelacroixThe Beauty
The Temptress

The Warrior

The Beauty Bride
The Snow White Bride

This change also means that you can order my books through your local bookstore, no matter what store it is because they all order from Ingrams. It also means that you can request that your library acquire any of these titles – which are available to libraries in digital editions through Overdrive.

Ha. Another job off my list!