Excerpt from The Crusader’s Handfast

The Crusader's Handfast, Part 1, a serialized medieval romance by Claire DelacroixThere’s an excerpt here on the site now for The Crusader’s Handfast. It’s from the very beginning of the book, so the same excerpt works for Part One of the serialization and for the whole book.

Part One is finished and edited, and is in the midst of being uploaded to the various online portals. There will be pre-order links everywhere very soon.

The trick with pre-orders is that it’s better at some portals to upload the final book file before making the pre-order available. In some cases it’s not possible to do it otherwise. In others, it’s just not a good idea, because the book files can get mixed up. That kind of confusion isn’t an issue at Kobo or iBooks, which is why buy links are available sooner at those portals. I’m trying to be far enough ahead of the game on this serialization, though, to put up the links everywhere as soon as possible (and ultimately hope to manage it for all new releases). Part Two, for example, is already being edited, so should be up for pre-order everywhere by the time Part One goes on sale.

The Crusader's Handfast, #5 in the Champions of Saint Euphemia series of medieval romances by Claire DelacroixI’m trying to make the pre-order for the entire book available by the time Part One goes on sale, as well, but that’s also a bit tricky. It is available at Kobo and iBooks, the two portals that make pre-orders easy.

You can read the first excerpt right here.