Showcase at The Reading Frenzy

The Renegade's Heart audiobookDebbie at The Reading Frenzy has showcased the audio edition of The Renegade’s Heart on her blog this week, because she loved the audio so much. Here are a few snippets from her comments:

“The narration provided by Saskia Maarleveld is marvelous, her melodious voice is the perfect instrument to portray all the characters females and males, young and old plus those feisty fae characters too. Her pronunciations are superb, her accent is excellent and the whole package allows the listener to be absorbed by the experience and feel a part of the story. I would definitely recommend this audible edition of The Renegade’s Heart.

“The romance is sweet, it’s sensuous and it’s just a little racy too and I love how Claire describes it to us in her typical perfect time period fashion. Bring on round three and thank you so much Claire for giving your fans what we so appreciate.”

Thanks Deb!

You can read all of Deb’s comments, right here.

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