The Amazon Trifecta

Amazon was in attendance at the Novelists’ Inc conference last week, and they mentioned again several programs of theirs. I know about these, but you might not. They’re excellent programs and bear revisiting.

What’s cool about these two programs is that they come out of Amazon’s understanding that readers like to have their books in different formats and might have one title in several different formats. For example, I know that some of you like to buy a print copy as well as a digital one of the books you think are “keepers”.

Amazon MatchbookAmazon’s MatchBook program can save you money on those keepers. If you’ve bought the print edition of a book from Amazon, the digital edition (if it’s enrolled in this program) will be available to you to buy at a discounted price.

All of my indie-pubbed titles are enrolled in Matchbook.

Here’s the landing page for Matchbook. You can log in and find your books that qualify.

Kindle WhispersyncThe second such program applies to audiobooks. If you have digital editions of books on your Kindle that are also available in audio, you can get the audio edition for jut $1.99. See? Here’s the page for The Rogue – check out that last line:

The Rogue in Audio for $1.99Again, there’s a link on the page to find out what books on your Kindle have audio editions available.

Isn’t that cool?

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