5 Star Audio Reviews for The Renegade’s Heart

The Renegade's Heart audiobookThere are some wonderful 5-star reviews posted for The Renegade’s Heart – which makes me pretty happy. Here’s one from Eniko:

“I think this book is another great example that Ms. Delacroix and Ms. Maarleveld are an amazing duo.

The story is captivating, enchanting and not to be missed. It is a love story in which the main characters, Isabella and Murdoch have to overcome obstacles thrown in their path constantly, the Fae Queen, the spriggans, their families. I loved that Isabella fought for what she believed in. A very happy ending! It was great to see past characters appear in this book too.

Ms. Maarleveld has an amazing voice, easy to listen to that made me forget what is around me and immerse myself in the story. She is able to modulate it so well for the many different characters, male and female and the accents are great.
Thank you for a great listening experience.”

And another, from Made4Books:
“The characters all pulled me into their lives and I did not want to put it down…. I am STRICTLY a historical romance girl,mostly medieval Scottish time period..And I usually do not care for more than mythology being mentioned,no paranormal..BUT..Claire Delacroix weaved the paranormal into the story in such a way I did not feel like I had left my historical roots to delve into the supernatural!!! I want to thank her for writing these stories that have opened my eyes a bit more and allowed me to enjoy hours of mythology brought to life..I HIGHLY recommend to any lover of historical romance who craves a fantastic ever after to give her stories a go,I am promising you you’ll enjoy the time you spend on it…”

And one from LilMissMolly:
“Saskia Maarleveld narrates The Renegade’s Heart, as she did with all of the Jewels of Kinfarlie books. She really brings all of the characters to life giving each one every their own distinct voice, both male and female. She also has a rhythm to her reading that is melodious and enthralling. Simply put, Claire and Saskia together are the perfect pairing for hours of thoroughly enjoyable entertainment. Bravo!”

And here’s part of a review from Kimberly Costa – who gave Saskia’s performance 5 stars and the story 4 stars. 🙂
“The Renegade’s Heart was delightful as it weaved several threads together. We have Murdoch’s quest to recover his family’s treasure and save their home. Then we have his issues with Alex believing him a thief and the budding romance that develops with Isabella. The most exciting and intense aspect of the story for me dealt with the Fae Queen. Interaction with the Fae had me holding my breath and a scene in the woods gave me the chills. I love supernatural creatures but the only one I truly fear are the Fae. The author only reaffirmed those fears.

Isabella was a wonderful heroine. She can be outspoken at times and I loved how she stood up to Murdoch, Alex and the Fae. We get a chance to see characters from earlier tales, and meet a few others along the way. Delacroix shared Murdoch’s backstory from his ancestry, battles and of how he became beholden to the Fae Queen. Sometimes he was a little pig-headed, but his treatment of Isabella, and his ability to listen to advice made him a worthy knight. I love when an author allows me to connect with the characters and feel their emotions.

Narrator Saskia Maarleveld has this wonderful tone and accent that makes listening a pleasure. She draws you in and seduces you with her voice. She brings out the character’s personalities and her male voices are delightful without the gruff tone we normally get with female narrators.”

Have you picked up your copy of The Renegade’s Heart in audio yet? You can get your copy at Amazon, Audible and Apple, or listen to a sample at my Soundcloud page.

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