Summer Writing 3

Well, I didn’t have a very good writing week. In fact, I didn’t manage to do any writing at all. 😦 That’s because instead of being writer-me, I had to be publisher-me.

What did I accomplish?

The Crusader’s Bride was released. Yay! An on sale date means a bunch of promo jobs, from updating website links to chatting about the book online. I had print proofs arrive to be approved, too, and I registered the copyright for the book.

• I contracted for The Crusader’s Bride to be produced in audio, which meant a bit of negotiation. I also commissioned the audio book covers for that series, and put them here on the site, as well as updating the production schedule for upcoming audiobooks. I reorganized the Audio page – giving it series tabs – because it was getting a bit crowded. I’ve requested auditions from the producer and we discussed some possibilities. We’re going to have a male narrator for this series. I’ll need to listen to those auditions next week and choose the narrator for the entire series.

• I had proofs of three Dragonfire books from my second POD distributor to review and emails to write to Chapters/Indigo about stocking them. (Fingers crossed!)

• I reviewed the audio production of The Renegade’s Heart and requested some corrections. That’s par for the course and part of the reason it’s time consuming to review the audio. It’s a wonderful recording – as always, Saskia did a terrific job – and should be available soon.

• Reviewing audio means finding typos as well as what Mr. Math calls speakos. I updated the print book files for The Renegade’s Heart, and also sent corrections to my formatter. I’ll be uploading new files for The Renegade’s Heart and also the boxed set, Kinfairlie Knights, since TRH appears in that volume, too.

• I published Firestorm Forever, The Crusader’s Bride and Harmonia’s Kiss to Overdrive. I don’t like their interface so had been avoiding this job. Now, it’s done and the books should be live for purchase this week.

• I managed and tracked two promotions: one for Double Trouble and one for Highland Heroes. Each was successful in its own way, and each one taught me something about how the market is changing.

• I set up a promotion for August – you can read about it in my August newsletter! – and also a second promotion for audiobooks called August Audio which launched on Saturday. I’ll be participating in a third promotion arranged by another author, and you’ll be able to read about that in my newsletter, too.

• I wrote blog posts for August and queued them up.

• I booked a signing in November. There’s a post on that queued up for tomorrow. 🙂

Not an unproductive week by any means, but I’m ready to write write write this week.