Summer Writing 2

What a great week I had. Very productive, and an exciting adventure.

First off, it was wonderful to be charging away on brand new projects. Instead of finishing up a linked series, or writing the book of a secondary character who had long deserved to have his or her story told, this is all fresh work. All new ideas. All new projects. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to charge into a new world, meet a new cast of characters and find my way around a new fictional world. It’s invigorating, and just wonderful. The stories started to come to life under my fingertips, which is one of my favourite things.

Then something marvelous happened. Last Tuesday, while I was writing away Project One, I saw another side of it. Essentially, the universe of that story exploded and spawned a subsidiary series. This is exciting, but meant adding Project 3 to my list of works on the go. The words just flowed on this new project, which has to be completed before I can continue with Project One.

I’m having the very best time!

Here’s where things stand.

Project One: 25866 words (that’s 4,500 new words)

Project Two: 6,700 words (no change)

Project Three: 21,233 words (those are all new words)

Over 25,000 new words for the week! I’m very pleased.

The only snag is that I had thought Project Three might be a novella, but as usual for me, it’s going to be longer than that. (If it were a novella, it would be pretty much done at this word count, and it’s not nearly so. I think it’s just getting interesting.) Still, it’s one of those magical stories that is practically writing itself. These don’t come along often enough!

As much fun as I’m having on Project Three, I have to switch things around this week and make some progress on Project Two. Six more weeks to go in my challenge, and at this rate, I might finish all three projects. (Fingers crossed.) I’m off again this morning and am going to try to work on two projects simultaneously. My goal is to make solid progress on Project Two, and also try to finish Project Three. I won’t know whether I can do it unless I try.

The other fun thing is that some of my local writers’ group have also taken up this summer challenge. It’s great to cheer each other on, and also to learn more about each other’s projects and work habits.