Going Forward

There have been some more questions about my plans for books from this point out, so I thought I’d review the plans again to keep you all up to date. This includes not just writing plans, but pricing, too.

The Crusader's Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixFirst of all, I’ll be publishing The Champions of St. Euphemia series by Claire Delacroix, beginning with The Crusader’s Bride in June. I had thought these linked stories might be novellas, but no, they’re coming out as books. So, the first one will be $2.99 and the others will be $4.99. I’m thinking the other publication dates will be August, October and December. No pre-orders on books 2 – 4 yet, because I want to be sure before listing the books (and I need to write the cover copy for them, too.) The pre-order for The Crusader’s Bride is up at iBooks and Kobo. It will be listed close to the publication date at Amazon and B&N because I find their interface for pre-orders irritating. All of these books will be available in print editions, too. Print publication will be simultaneous with the digital release, but as we’ve seen, the information will take time to perk out to the portals beyond Amazon. B&N seems to be taking 5 – 7 days, for example.

Here Be Dragons: The Dragonfire Companion by Deborah CookeNext up for the dragons will be Here be Dragons: The Dragonfire Companion in November. Again, this will be released simultaneously in print and digital editions. Again, the pre-order is up for iBooks and Kobo, but unless something changes drastically, the pre-order for Amazon and B&N will go up closer to the on sale date.

Some of you have asked about a boxed set of the True Love Brides series, but I have no plans to do this. My boxed sets were always intended as good ways for readers to catch up with my existing series, or for people who had bought my books in mass market to get the digital editions, and not a way to market newer titles. Going forward, titles will be available individually, and the first title in any given series will be discounted. No more boxed sets.

When I participate in multi-author boxed sets (which are for promotion and geared to my finding new readers), you’ll see familiar titles included – in most cases, The Beauty Bride is the book I’ll include because it’s a good place to start reading my Kinfairlie books. I also don’t think I’ll be discounting pre-orders any more. Changing prices on all portals simultaneously is such a hassle (as well as getting them all to turn back at the same time) and I’d rather concentrate on writing more books.

The next dragon shifter series will be DragonFate, which will start with Hot Blooded – there’s an excerpt from this book in the back of Firestorm Forever – which will probably be launched in the new year. The next medieval romance series will be The Brides of Inverfyre, which will also probably launch in the new year. Some of you have asked about a companion volume for Kinfairlie, but I’m going to wait on that until the new Inverfyre series is done, then prepare it for the entire suite of linked books, beginning with The Rogue.

My hope going forward is to publish linked books in fairly rapid succession, so instead of alternating books (one from Claire, one from Deborah), I’m going to alternate series. You’ll see three or four linked books from Claire, ideally published 6 – 8 weeks apart, then three or four linked books from Deborah, on a similar schedule.

This means writing more, which means a streamlining and a simplification of my working day. You’ll also see less of me on social media than has been the case, and less travelling. I’ll be at the Sexy in the City booksigning in June in Toronto, then here writing until Romancing the Capital next May in Ottawa. Once again, I suggest you sign up for my newsletter or follow this blog to ensure that you don’t miss any news. I’d much rather write than do anything else, plus I think writing is what I do best. I’m having fun with this scheme so far, and hope you’ll be glad to have more books faster from me.

Now you know the plan. I just need to make it happen! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Going Forward

  1. Currently digging into Firestorm Forever!! Loving it so far, and I’m annoyed things keep popping up and taking me away from reading it.

    The plans going forward sound great Deb! Wishing you all the luck in the world.
    I plan to get “Here Be Dragons” in print, as my kobo only shows in black and white, don’t think that’s going to be best for this book, there’s pictures right??! I am excited to see how it’s turned out!


    • Glad you’re enjoying it, Ang. Rosemary’s Romance Books ordered some print copies this week and I know they’re on their way, if you’re looking for it in print. I think she’ll have them by the end of June.


  2. Thanks Deb, Rosemary emailed a few weeks back and told everyone she is closing the store. But will continue selling books just not having a store front. So I will still be able to order books there.

    A certain special something arrived yesterday, thanks very much!!!! It made my day!

    About half way through Firestorm Forever now, and it is getting exciting!


    • Yes, I was sorry to hear that Rosemary was closing her store, but it’s good that she’ll still be selling books. I know there are a lot of readers who rely upon her for their books!


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