Audio Review for The Rose Red Bride

The Rose Red Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixThere’s a new review for the audio edition of The Rose Red Bride that just posted at Books, Chocolate and Lipgloss. It’s a five star review – WOOT! – and here’s a snippet:

“This novel was outstanding.  Claire Delacroix’s writing creates such a vivid description of the scenes in the novel that the reader can’t help but feel they are wrapped up in the story.  Her storytelling is beautifully done, both in the novel itself and in the delightful tales that the characters enjoy recounting to each other during the novel.  The Rose Red Bride is a combination of storytelling and modern day writing at it’s best.  The story is both moving and enchanting.”

And here are their comments specific to the audiobook:

“I listened to the audio version narrated by Saskia Maarleveld who absolutely perfected this novel.  With her beautiful voice and her enchanting accent this audiobook made you want to close your eyes and listen with all your attention.   The narration was excellent and added even more depth to the story and the characters.  The pace was perfect and the language clear.  A brilliantly done narration to be sure!”

Here’s the link so you can read more. You can listen to samples of my audiobooks on my Audio page. (There’s a tab on the menu bar, or you can just click here.)

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