Questions for Readers

I’ve been asking on my FB pages this week about your reading habits. I was inspired by another author, who said her survey of her readers’ preferences helped her decide how to promote her books to find new readers. I thought this was brilliant, so here we go.

First, tell me please how you first discovered my books.

Secondly, I’d love to know if you read all of my books, or just those within a specific subgenre. I mostly write paranormal romance and contemporary romance as Deborah Cooke, and medieval romance as Claire Delacroix.

Thirdly, please tell me whether you prefer print or digital – or both.

Thanks so much!

12 thoughts on “Questions for Readers

  1. If I remember correctly, I came across your books at a Waldens book store, in Chula Vista, CA.

    So far, I have only read your books under Claire Delacroix. I love historical romance. I would love to read your paranormal.

    I prefer good ole” paperbacks but since my move across country, my first generation kindle has been my best friend. But nothing beats having a paperback in hand:)


  2. I first read one of your stories in a grouped author boxed set of medieval romances and fell in love! At this point in my life (53) now that our girls are in college or graduated I lose myself in medieval historical romances and love your style of writing! I also read recency romances and some paranormal romances and time travel romances that involve Scotsmen and Scotland! I never thought I would ever not prefer to have a solid book in my hands, however, I received a kindle 8.9 hdx fire tablet for Christmas and love it! It is always with me and since I am a voracious reader I always have my next book with me so I definitely prefer digital but love the covers and still own many many print books!


  3. That’s a fantastic idea. I first picked up Kiss of Fire around the time we met at the Emerald City Writers Conference. I love your dragon series. More recently, a friend reminded me that you also write under Claire Delacroix and I’ve been rapidly eating up those books as I’m currently in the mood for medieval fantasy romance. I like both ebooks and paperback, but I realize that I’m leaning toward ebooks these days.


  4. Babe I got all your “Dragon” books and love them of course what do you expect from Dragon Lady keep going on the dragon stories and I’m there LOL..


  5. forgot your 3rd question~ PRINT~ you don’t have to worry about any batteries or recharging anything and books are so nice to curl up with on a cold or rainy day ..cheese & crackers, a good bottle of wine, a warm blanket and a really good book “HEAVEN”


  6. I think I discovered your books through either a friend or Amazon/Barnes and Nobles recommended you to me due to my reading habits.

    I am working my way through your dragon series, I think the next book in the series I have to read is Darkfire Kiss. I recently discovered that you write under a second name, so I will look into your other books in the future.

    I prefer digital, but I do switch to paperback when my eyes need a break.


  7. I love your medievals and have all of them in paperback, and a few on my Kindle. I think The Champion was the first I read. Am beginning to collect your regencies. I like Kindle for reading in bed and on my travels. A real book the rest of the time.


  8. I mostly own your ebooks and some in paperback as I am trying amass them all in paperback. just have to get a few at time for my bday and mothers day as hubby doesn’t see why I need them so much. lol I believe your first book was free or on sale for .99 for me through Bookbub. I have since bought most of Claire’s books when they were on sale and some I paid full price for. I believe I have a couple of ebooks of Debra’s as well but haven’t gotten into them yet as I have about 300 ebooks that I am trying to get through and I get more everyday. I like both print and ebooks but prefer actual books. If I really like an author I will usually own all books in print and ebook as I try them in ebook format first.


  9. I found you on iBooks, I believe. I’m happy reading print or ebooks. I’ve enjoyed your medieval historical, as well as your medieval paranormal books. I have to say I would love to read a full length story of Rosamond… Did I spell that right? She is a wonderful character! As is Paidrig! Congratulations, you have given me many hours of blissful escape! Thank you!


  10. I read my first Claire Delacroix many years ago when I was happily consuming Harlequin Historical Romances. I still have your paperbacks lovingly stored in one of my bookcases. Not too much later, an online search for your website led me to your alter ego, Deborah Cooke. I was SO excited to learn that you were writing Paranormal Romances about DRAGONS!!!! I was hooked again! I love your Dragonfire series! As the years went by, I found myself preferring Paranormal Romances more than Historical, but I still love to visit. I get especially excited when I find a Paranormal Romance with Historical elements! Or, the other way around. I purchased a Sony eReader years ago, and am slowly replacing my older paperbacks with ebooks. The majority of new books I now buy are digital. I’m also hooked on listening to audio books, while I working on my needlework.


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