Done with DRM!

This is a happy day, because one big job is finally done. I’ve had my backlist Delacroix historical and time travel titles all re-edited and re-formatted this year, for both print and digital, and they’re all now re-published. Part of this process has including removing the DRM (digital rights management) from the editions that had it at Amazon, and making those titles available without DRM.

The way Amazon manages it, the DRM-free edition is a new and separate product—essentially the old edition had to be unpublished and a new edition of the title published. This means that if you bought those titles before, the old with-DRM edition remains available to you and your Kindle, but the new non-DRM version doesn’t. The old with-DRM edition wouldn’t have received this latest update, either.

To my relief, most of the changes and corrections were minor: hyphens changing to em-dashes, for example. Hyphens look like this – and belong in the middle of words, like pre-order, whereas em-dashes should be used for asides—like this one. There were also a few vestiges of Canadian spelling, because it always looks “right” to me and I’ve changed it back after other editors have fixed it. (Ooops.) My people have always travelled, for example, but in America, they should have traveled. That kind of thing. There were some typos fixed, too.

Finishing this job is something to celebrate, and I’m glad to have it done. I still have to upload the last of the reformatted titles to my store, but I’ll get to that eventually. Onward to new books in the new year!