Going to Audio

The Rogue by Claire Delacroix audio edition

Recently, I ventured into audio production of my books. Yesterday, I received notification that the audio edition of The Rogue is complete. I need to listen to it all – it’s 13.5 hours long – and either approve it or make notes and request changes. (Yes, I’m guessing that I’ll have a few changes to request. That’s just the way I am!)

Creating an audio book is a very interesting process. It’s wonderful to hear the book being read aloud, and I adore this narrator – she sounds exactly as I expect Ysabella to sound! – but it’s certainly time consuming. It’s also amazing to hear the craft of the narrator/actor, and how they make the individual voices in the book come alive, as well as keeping them distinct from each other and from the narrator’s voice. I’m quite fascinated with the whole thing, but am amazed by how time-consuming it is.

I’m listening to The Rogue this week, and will let you know when the book is available. Just FYI, The Beauty Bride is also in audio production right now.

6 thoughts on “Going to Audio

  1. Wow, exciting stuff Deb. I recently made a jump to Audio Books to listen to in the car. Must say its way better than listening to some of the junk on our radio stations here. Looking forward to checking out some of your Audio Books once they become available.


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