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If you’ve been watching my Claire Delacroix FB page, you know that I’ve started the adventure of making my books available in audio editions. This is exciting and it’s interesting – and just like the creation of a cover, it raises a lot of questions.

The first books I have up for audition are The Rogue and The Beauty Bride. The idea here is that we’ll work in series, making each book available in audio in succession. I’d like to have the same narrator for each series, to lend continuity (and the one who does the Jewels of Kinfairlie series will (fingers crossed) be the one who also narrates The True Love Brides.)

I didn’t specify what accent should be used, because I wanted to hear a variety. I have listened to a variety and now have some questions to you. Many of the actors have chosen to use a Scottish accent, since both books begin at Kinfairlie which is in modern Scotland. While fictional, it is in Lothian, though, and I’ve always thought of the Lammergeier having closer ties to England. They use French words, for example, which is characteristic of the Norman court. So the sound of Alexander, Laird of Kinfairlie, with a Scottish accent surprised me. (Although it does sound nice.) I think of Erik, the hero of The Rose Red Bride as having a Scottish accent, because he’s from the Highlands. Similarly, Rhys, the hero of The Beauty Bride, has a Welsh accent. I think of the family itself to have British accents, but this might just me.

What do you expect? How do you hear them in your mind when you read?

Plus I have another question for those of you who are fans of audio books. What do you expect in the end matter? At the end of my books (in print or digital) I include excerpts. There’s usually one excerpt from the next title in the linked series, then one from the first book in a different series. There’s also my biography and social media links, and a list of all my books. I wouldn’t expect you to listen to a reciting of all of my book titles <g>) but what about the rest? Since audio is priced by the length of the recording, I don’t want you to feel that you’re having to pay for content you don’t want to hear.

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  1. I adore audiobooks. Regarding accents, my preference is whatever you as the author intended eg if character is from Wales they should have Welsh accent. Regarding the end of audiobooks, some will give a first chapter from the next book in the series. And that has lead to me directly purchasing book 2 if I get sucked back into the world.


  2. I love audiobooks. I have a long drive to and from work and makes the time pass faster. I like the series that use the same narrator for all and find myself I like men voices. A narrator can break or make a book. They should be able to use the accent of the hero or heroine and portray their character and emotions. One book where I didn’t care much when I read it, but listening to the audio I fell in love with it, so I bought the series in audio. I also had a book that I loved when I read it, but the chosen narrator sounded like a drone, so I stuck to the reading the series.
    If it is part of a series, I like listening to the excerpt in the next book, but is not a deal breaker.


  3. Hi Deb/Claire đŸ™‚ I am not a fan of audio but I have many friends who only listen to books and there are a few great blogs out there (HOT LISTENS is my favorite) who review audio books. I think the main thing I hear about audio books is that they’re only as good as the narrator. So I think the trick must be that. As far as content I think it’s important to list all the particulars.


    • Thanks Deb. The whole audio process is quite interesting. I’ve chosen a narrator for The Rogue and we’ve contracted for that – she is just perfect as Ysabella, so I think it will be great. Still working on The Beauty Bride – there are so many characters and accents in that book! – but we’re getting close.

      I hadn’t even thought about reviews. That’s a good point. Thanks! đŸ™‚


  4. I listen to audio books quite a bit. I do a lot a needlework (almost everyday) and listen to audio books while I work. Helps keep me sane. I REALLY enjoy listening to books in a series. Having the same narrator does make the series more of a “series” to me instead of a group of books that happen to be related. As for a selecting an accent for the stories, I would prefer that each book/character be true to what was originally indented by the author for that particular book/character. In regards to an excerpt at the end, I NEVER listen to them. Why? Because I’ve already made the commitment to that series and consider it either a waste of time since I already have the next book in the series and will just start listening to it or, if the next book is not out yet, the excerpt is just plain torture since I can’t have it right now!!! That said, I will look forward with abated breath to having your books available on audio. I have been a fan since the first Harlequin Historical. But my absolute favorites are your Dragonfire series. I’ve been wanting them on audio for years now and it would be a dream come true.


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