In the Garden

Some of you have asked to see pictures of my very happy garden, so here we go.

First, these are images from last year, about this same time. (My garden does its best thing in June.)

Alliums, with a guest.
Claire Delacroix's garden

Yellow daylilies.Claire Delacroix's garden Claire Delacroix's garden Yellow foxgloves.Claire Delacroix's garden Red perennial (oriental) poppy.Claire Delacroix's garden Stonecrop.Claire Delacroix's garden Orange annual poppy with variegated hosta.Claire Delacroix's garden Orange perennial (oriental) poppy. Claire Delacroix's garden Pink “peony” annual poppy.Claire Delacroix's garden Pink peony.Claire Delacroix's gardenWhite perennial (oriental) poppy. Claire Delacroix's garden Peach perennial (oriental) poppy. Claire Delacroix's garden Orange daylilies.Claire Delacroix's garden Lady’s mantle with hellebores (helleborus niger).Claire Delacroix's gardenPurple bearded iris. Claire Delacroix's garden Rose de Provins or Apothecary Rose. This is a medieval plant, although they grew it for medicinal use.Claire Delacroix's garden

And now some of today’s blossoms. More poppies.

Claire Delacroix's garden

Bachelor Buttons
Claire Delacroix's gardenThis is Lady’s Mantle – I love how raindrops nestle in the leaves.
Claire Delacroix's garden

Claire Delacroix's gardenPeonies.
Claire Delacroix's gardenClaire Delacroix's gardenA white rosa rugosa. This one is really old – it opens with a pinkish tinge and turns white. The bees love it.
Claire Delacroix's garden

This is a rosa rugosa called Agnes. It’s a bit peachy when it opens, then turns yellow.

Claire Delacroix's garden

4 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Beautiful! I have a few of them in my garden, though never knew what Bachelor Buttons were called. They just appeared in one of our gardens this year.


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