Print Editions

It’s become clear that availability of my new books in print is a challenge in some territories, especially Australia and Canada. So, I’ve added a page here on the website, listing the print copies of my books that I have available for sale. It’ll be updated over the next couple of weeks as I dig out some boxes and see what’s in them. (I know I have more mass market paperbacks squirreled away, as well as German and Spanish editions.) Postage is pretty expensive in Canada, but if you really want a specific title, this might be your best chance of getting one.

You’ll need to pay for the book (the price is listed beside each title) and for the postage (which will be calculated once I know where you are.) Of course, I’ll sign your book and send you some postcards with it. You could also ask for signed bookplates for your other titles at the same time. The new page and list of available titles is here, as are instructions of how to order a book from me.

2 thoughts on “Print Editions

  1. Just thought I’d post, for people in Australia looking for Deb’s books. I purchase my print books from “Rosemary’s Romance Books” Rosemary and her staff are extremely helpful and dedicated, and if she doesn’t stock an item she is always more than happy to order in. I have never had a problem getting any of Deb’s books. Pricing/Postage costs are reasonable to.


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