Quiet on the Blog Front

I apologize to all of you for being quiet lately. Thorolf has been filling my calendar in more ways than one, and it’s been a crazy few weeks.

I’ve still got a To Do list, but here’s an update for you on what’s in the works:

1/ New Swag.
It’s finally on its way! I’ll tell you more on Monday and hope to show you by the end of next week. The best things are worth waiting for, right?

2/ April Newsletter.
I’ll be sending it out next week, so if you haven’t subscribed, please do. (Look for the link in the right sidebar.)

3/ New Website Pages.
After compiling it all for the umpteenth time, I’ve decided to share two more Pyr cheatsheets with you, here on the site. One will be the children of the Pyr, and one will be an astrological page about the Dragon’s Tail.

btw, Thorolf’s eclipse is next week, a total lunar eclipse on April 15. I have a post queued up for that day about it, but if you’re in the vicinity of Bangkok, look out for dragons!

4/ New Schedule.
I’m astonished by how much there is to do before a book’s publication, how much time it all takes, and how much the process is complicated by having pre-orders available. (It’s possible that I’m also a relentless optimist!) The schedule for the rest of my year will have to be tweaked to leave more time between completing the book manuscript and making it available for sale. And yes, this is yet another sign that indie publishing is becoming more like traditional publishing. I don’t need a year to get things done, which is the traditional model, but clearly, I do need more than 2 months. Live and learn.

5/ New Book.
I’m sure you haven’t forgotten that part! April 30 is T’s day.
Serpent's Kiss, a paranormal romance and Dragonfire #10 by Deborah Cooke

3 thoughts on “Quiet on the Blog Front

  1. Hi Debra, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely postcards.  They are gorgeous!!!  Also I can’t wait for the new books.  Thank you for giving me hours of fun and fantasy, not to mention wonderful romance.  Thanks again, Rosalinda Mann


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