A New Page

I’ve added a reference to the back of Serpent’s Kiss – it’s a list of Pyr kids. I end up compiling a list myself each time I write another book in the series, so it’s time to have it all in one place—and I thought you might like the reference, as well.

So, it’s in the back of Thorolf’s book, and also on the website. The version here on the site will be updated as necessary.

The Next Generation.

2 thoughts on “A New Page

  1. This is great Deb, helps to keep all the characters straight in your mind. Gee Quinn and Sara have sure been busy haven’t they!!!

    Still think a illustrated Pyr Companion book would be lovely!! Showing all the colors each dragon are, and possibly some tattoo pictures from Rox, family trees and that sort of thing.


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