Time for Chaos

I told you a while back that we’d be having renovations done at the house this year, and they’ve started today. This means noise and dust, at least in the short term. It means worker guys in the house, too, and the Queen Bee getting miffed about them coming in and out without ringing the doorbell. She’s set them straight a couple of times already today as to how we do things around here. This morning, she and I stayed in my office with the stereo on, but as the demolition got rolling, we chose to take refuge in the kitchen. Since she’s snoring, I’ll guess she’s not policing entrances and exits for the afternoon. I can smell plaster dust, because they’re ripping out the plaster and lathe. I’m just glad to not be doing that job myself. Mr. Math is changing out the bag on his ShopVac and is determined to go after the dust tonight and every night. All of this works for me.

I’m busy writing! Despite the disruption, Alexander’s story is coming along well. It’s kind of fun to write about reunited lovers instead of couples meeting for the first time – Alexander, as you might remember, was forced to leave his wife to do his duty and serve with the force that became known as the Dragon’s Teeth Warriors. Many things have changed, but not the power of the love these two have for each other. As usual, I’m wondering whether I’ll manage to bring in the story at novella length of 25,000 to 30,000 words. I’m determined to do it, though, because I don’t want to be late on this one.

Also, the newsletter is ready to go out on Thursday, so if you haven’t signed up, you might want to do that. (There’s a link at the top left.) There will be two new excerpts posted for subscribers to read – one from THE HIGHLANDER’S CURSE and one from KISS OF DANGER.

I’ve also seen the newly formatted file for the Jewels of Kinfairlie Boxed Set and it looks wonderful. That was the first file that the formatter worked on, and I’ll update you when each new edition gets uploaded and published on the various portals. I’m excited that my books will have such pretty new digital editions.

In terms of my knitting, I’ve just survived the tedious job of unwinding all of the remaining yarn in the ball to find out exactly how much is left. I’m finishing a shawl and want to make sure that I don’t run out before the hem is finished. Maybe I’ll get that project done this week, as well.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled renovation chaos.

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