Update on The Highlander’s Curse

I promised all of you an update on my progress with THE HIGHLANDER’S CURSE, which is the second book in my new True Love Brides series. This is Annelise’s book. As most of you know, THC was supposed to be published in December 2012 and it wasn’t.

Why not? Well, I’m learning a lot about scheduling in this brave new world of publishing. Working indie is different from working with traditional presses. Plus Tupperman’s story doubled in length, which meant it exceeded the time I’d allocated to writing it by a good 6 weeks. Not having Annelise’s book ready to go to the freelance editor on time meant that I lost my editing slot with her. This is perfectly reasonable and I should have anticipated as much – in traditional publishing, even if the author is late, the book usually ends up being published on schedule. Part of that is because there is so much more buffer built into the schedule – traditionally published books are usually due at the publisher 12 months in advance of publication, so a few weeks here or there can be accommodated. We run things a little tighter in indie-pubbing-land, which means when something goes wrong, it casts bigger ripples. No one is on salary and everyone gets paid for the work they do – which means that freelance service providers need to move ahead with new work all the time.

Also, I learned a great deal about covers and links in digital books at the conferences I attended at the end of October. As a result, I had nine covers redone in the fall and uploaded them to all the various portals, along with new versions of the digital books. That took a bunch of time that I hadn’t counted on spending – and it’s not done. B&N’s portal has been plagued by technical difficulties since December 1 – the issues seem to be linked to their opening the portal in the UK – so the new versions and covers have not yet been uploaded there.

All in all, I failed Planning 101 in the last four months of 2012!

So, where do we go from here? I’m determined to keep my dragon novellas on schedule. The three Dragon Legion novellas will be published in February, March and April respectively. I’m also on a big crunch to finish THE HIGHLANDER’S CURSE and get the ms to my editor ASAP. This book also needed a new cover concept – based on what I learned in October – and I’ve commissioned a cover image that will be exclusive. (Fingers crossed that this experiment works out!) I’m hoping to be able to show the cover to you by February. I’m also hoping that the book will be published in April.

And in future, I’m not going to make promises about publication until I know for sure what they will be. Upcoming titles will be “coming soon” until they are published. That will keep things simpler.

Now, back to writing!

16 thoughts on “Update on The Highlander’s Curse

  1. Looking forward to the The Highlander’s Curse. Have enjoyed all of your series so far . Hope you will be coming out with Elizabeth’s story soon.


    • Thanks Eileen! Yes, Elizabeth’s book comes after Annelise’s. I’m feeling crazy-optimistic right now and hoping I’ll get her story written and published in 2013. Stay tuned!


  2. I am eagerly awaiting Annelise’s story. I downloaded the beauty bride when it was free on kobo and have since read all the subsequent stories. They were just what I need to relax after a days work and my kids finally went to sleep. Thanks!


  3. I was wondering if you know if the mess up of downloading the box sets on Barnes & Noble have been straighten out yet. I have the The Beauty Bride but want to start with the very beginning of the stories. I am afraid to try to purchase and download if they are still coming up blank. Thank You!
    A new fan


    • Hi Glenna –

      I removed the boxed sets from sale for the short term. I have a formatter making the files even prettier and as she delivers them to me, I’m uploading them again. I have the first boxed set, for the Jewels of Kinfairlie, today and will upload it again during the day. She’s just finishing THE RENEGADE’S HEART, then will format the individual Jewel titles. The process has taken a little longer than I’d expected (doesn’t everything?!) because we’ve been deciding on standards for formatting the books, so they all look similar. Things should move more quickly now that we have a final plan.

      Thanks for your patience! I’ll post updates here and on FB when each book goes live.


  4. Cannot wait for highlanders curse!!! Super excited! Also have been very impressed with your many series. I started out with the Beauty Bride and from there a Delecroix reading monster was born. Your stories always keep me on my toes and the writing is fantastic. I am also very excited about Elizabeth’s story -to come soon after Annalise’s I hope!
    Good luck with everything,
    Anna Maria


  5. I am new to your books,and I have to tell you that I have bought everyone of them after reading the first one. I am dying to read Annalise’s story!! I think you are a wonderful and very creative author and it is my priviledge to be able to read such awesome works from such an indepth author. Thank You. I seriously have searched on my Kindle daily the bookstore for Highlander’s Curse. LOL!!


  6. “The first one is free!” Says the pushers of addiction! That is what has happened to me! You are my new favorite author! Thank you for re-opening my love of historical romance……can hardly wait for the rest of the series!


  7. Its June!!! Where’s my book!!!!?? Lol I’ve been starving myself since your last book came out! I’be already read almost all your books and throw up any of those other crappy historical romance books by other authors. Please hurry with the Highlanders Curse!!!!


    • Hi Maliha – I’ve been keeping people updated in my newsletter (you might want to subscribe!) The book has gone to my editor this month and I’m hoping to have it back from her shortly. If all goes well with edits and formatting, I have my fingers crossed for publication in early July.


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