The Future of Dragonfire

As promised, here are the details of how the Dragonfire series gets completed. I do have plenty of spin-off ideas, but want to get the main series finished before we venture into new territory.

So, here’s the plan.

First off, we need to catch up with Drake and his Dragon Teeth Warriors. They collected the darkfire crystal from Lorenzo in FLASHFIRE and have been scarce ever since. As you might expect, the darkfire crystal has been taking them to some strange and unlikely locations, but in pursuit of a greater good. There will be three novellas following Drake and his men, each one of which will be a paranormal romance in itself. These will be digital-first releases. They will then be gathered into an anthology which will be published in simultaneous digital and print. (It’ll be a trade paperback print on demand book.) This bit of Dragonfire’s future looks like this:

KISS OF DANGER – February 2013



The DRAGON LEGION Anthology – print and digital – will follow. This will be Dragonfire #9.

There will be a new page on my website for this suite of novellas. I’ll let you know when it’s live.

I am waffling about Drake himself. His story will be told, but there are two options for doing it: his could be the third novella in another trilogy of novellas featuring the Dragon’s Teeth Warriors, or he could get his own book. I’ll decide after finishing this trilogy and let you know then.

As for Dragonfire novels, Dragonfire #10 will be Thorolf’s book, and I’m aiming for a summer release. Whatever happens with Drake will be the subsequent release, Dragonfire #11, and it will be a winter release. Finally Dragonfire #12 will be Sloane’s book and the culmination of the series – the Apothecary has to heal the world, after all. I’m aiming for spring 2014. I’ll firm up the dates as they get closer.

After that, well, we’ll venture off the edges of our map – where there be dragons!

16 thoughts on “The Future of Dragonfire

  1. I’m always amazed when authors talk about fighting with their characters. I guess you’re like parents who want to match up their children, and we all know how that sometimes works out. At those moments I’m glad I don’t have the imagination to be a writer nor have the children to be a parent. I really should have been more attentive to your e-mail but I’ve only been sort of hanging in there lately and right now I should be looking for the money order for my rent payment.

    BTW, did you get hit by Sandy? Considering the hit Sarnia got, I’m glad we were far enough away to have only problems walking north on Monday. There was also some rain that day but not as much as we’d feared. I’m certainly glad it seems to be all over.


  2. I really wanted to check out your new page for these novellas but… This is all I get when trying to use the link:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /dlegion.html was not found on this server.
    Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80


    • You caught me, DJ! I meant to get the new page up, but am still working on the copy. I put the link in the post and forgot it was there.

      Next week. 🙂 I’m just home from conf and still getting organized.



  3. Aloha Deborah will there be a book also for the Sleeper that was mention in book #6? I look forward for the next collection of dragonfire novel. Mahalo Nui Loa!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Hi Robyn – Glad you’re enjoying the series! The Sleeper is being a bit enigmatic, even to me. He has appearances in both FLASHFIRE and EMBER’S KISS, plus I know he will be involved in the quest of the Dragon’s Teeth Warriors (coming in 2013). After those Dragon Legion novellas are finished (and he reveals a bit more to me), I’ll know better whether he gets his own book in the series or not. Stay tuned!



    • Thanks Christina!

      I’m creating a problem for myself even as we speak. I’m working on the first story in the Dragon Legion novellas – KISS OF DANGER – and ALL of the Dragon’s Teeth Warriors are so interesting. I’m up to my eyes in sexy dragon shifters – which is one thing, but I know that all of you readers will want each and every one of them to have an HEA. Yikes!


  4. Absolutely we will want to hear about each and every one of them!!! I’m really so thrilled that you are writing all of these great stories for us and we all thank you from the bottom of our reader’s hearts for all your dedication and work!!!


  5. I too enjoy your books! I almost hate hear it will come to an end. I know you will have other wonderful things to come but I have become attached to these guys! I will get the novellas on ebook but I am a dyed in the wool print book lover. I hope it comes out in a mass market size also. I like my series to match in size.


    • Thanks Peggy! Finishing a series is a mixed blessing – on the one hand, all those plot threads can be tied up and I can move on to new ideas. On the other, of course, I miss the characters. I suspect the Dragonfire guys will have some cameos in spin-off series, and we’re a bit away from my having it all done. Lots more dragonfights to come!

      The print (POD) books will be bigger in size than the current mass market ones. There’s just no escaping that as POD is trade paperback and the sizes are all slightly different even from traditionally published trade paperbacks. (Why? WHY???) I’m going to match them as closely as I can to the Dragon Diaries US editions, so my Dragonfire shelf will be (close to) two sizes only.


  6. I can’t wait for sloans story. I have been looking every where for it then I came across one of your interviews and it doesn’t come out till 2014???????!!!!!! Why torture us I can’t Waite to read zöes story. Gah but I love your books so much I fell in love instantly with Sloan and rafferty they are my favorite characters.


    • Well, it wasn’t my plan to torture you, Kathy. Sloane is just the last firestorm of the series – the Apothecary has to heal the world. So, I need to write the other books first. Glad you’re enjoying the series!


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