Here’s another review for Blazing the Trail – this one’s from Nicole at Books Complete Me.

“There are so many twists in this book, I loved it. I could not put it down, and read it in a day. If you have read Deborah’s adult books, with the adult dragons, then you will love this series with the kids!”

You can read the whole review, right here.

2 thoughts on “Review for BLAZING THE TRAIL

  1. Are there going to be more Dragon Diaries?
    You can’t end it there! Did Zoe mess up her dads car? Are Nick and Isabelle going to stay together?
    Too many questions to ask.


    • Well, Debbie, the Dragon Diaries does end there. The trilogy is about Zoë coming into her powers and she has. (She didn’t mess up the car. That’s in the book!)

      I would like to tell the guys’ stories (Nick, Liam and Garrett) as well as explore the union with the other shifters. These stories will be paranormal romances – the guys will come of age during their firestorms – so I’m tentatively calling that series Dragonfire II. First I need to finish up Dragonfire I. There are two more books and a series of novellas to write there and that’s first on my to do list.



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