Just Peachy

This week, I’m canning peaches.

(Actually, they’re not going into cans – they’re going into glass quart sealer jars.)

My mom and I used to can peaches when I was a kid. Usually, it was in really hot weather. Invariably, everything in the kitchen was sticky by the time we were done. It was always hard to even look sideways at a peach after having peeled a bushel or two of them. But they were wonderful in the winter, and home-canned peaches have remained part of the rhythm of my year. Now, my mom doesn’t can very much, so she comes here, admires my peaches, and adopts several jars at regular intervals. (She brings the empties back.) Mr. Math is philosophical about helping to clean the stickiness from the kitchen, because he, too, loves those peaches in the wintertime.

This year, I’m up to 28 quarts. Maybe a few more today.

As a bonus, time spent peeling peaches is also good thinking. I’m working out Tupperman’s adventures this week, too.

Do you do any home canning? What do you “put up” or “put down”?

6 thoughts on “Just Peachy

  1. Deb, I can whole tomatoes, and make green tomato dill pickles, I steer clear of anything that requires pressure cooking, I know they’ve gotten better than when my mom’s stuff used to end up on the ceiling :), but the nightmare remains.
    I put up peaches once and they were yummy, but what do you use to keep them from turning brownish in the jars.
    Happy canning


    • Deb, I use this stuff called Fruit Fresh that keeps fruit from turning brown. You mix it with the syrup.

      Wow, Gina, you are ambitious! I usually do tomatoes and peaches every year and some kind of jam. We don’t eat a lot of jam so each batch lasts a couple of years. That lets me mix it up! I make salsa every second year and green tomato mincemeat every second year – the bonus with the mincemeat is that my mother turns it into tarts. Mr. Math loves garlic dills, too, and I have to check whether we need to make more. His sister is hooked on them now as well. Those I do fresh pack. I don’t make B&B pickles anymore since I’m the only one who eats them. Oh, and quince chutney each year. That’s about it.



  2. I usually make lots of half-pints of zucchini relish. Some years I do tomatoes. Always jam of various types–my favorite is mixed berry which is also the easiest. I like doing bread-and-butter pickles too. This year we are discovering how to make deli dills which require no canning and no vinegar and need to be eaten fresh so that could have an impact on the number of pickling cucumbers we have to save for the winter. Our fruit trees aren’t producing enough for us to do anything with yet, but I look forward to that in coming years.


  3. I grew up canning, and canned a bit most years even living in the city.
    I haven’t canned recently, though. I think the last thing I canned was currant jelly from the garden at the old house. (I add a drop of vanilla to the pot after turning off the heat and just before ladling it into the jars)


  4. We should make salsa this year. Didn’t do it last year, but did the year before and it was goooood. This year we have tomatillos. I’ve never cooked with them before so it should be interesting. Quince chutney sounds really good. I’d like to make a good chutney. I was thinking of using plums one year when our plum tree gets going, or maybe with some of the pears I’m getting from the SIL this year. I don’t eat much jam either, but the DH devours it in his yogurt every morning. (He has a serious sweet tooth.) He also eats most of the B&B pickles.


    • Gina – I grew tomatillos once. Wow. They were bent on world domination! And it seemed that we had enough salsa verde to last through the end of the time.

      A drop of vanilla, Diana? That must have been delicious!


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