KOBO and Reviews

In recent weeks, I’ve been migrating my content so that I publish directly to KOBO instead of going through the Smashwords portal. This is a good thing because it means that books will appear more quickly on KOBO and that I have more control over my content. All good.

I’ve discovered a teensy glitch in the migration. For my Smashwords editions of backlist titles, I used the ISBN# available through SW. Obviously, I couldn’t use that ISBN# for other portals, because it listed Smashwords as the publisher. So I have obtained shiny new ISBN#s for my books. These ISBN#s are already in use at Overdrive’s Content Reserve and at All Romance eBooks. Because I got into the ISBN# acquisition habit last winter, the new releases since then have the same ISBN#s (mine) everywhere. That includes the boxed sets and THE RENEGADE’S HEART. It’s the backlist that is primarily affected by the migration.

It makes sense that these booksellers identify books by ISBN# – that’s what the number is for, after all. But the associated data is hung on the the ISBN#, so when I published those backlist titles to KOBO, they appeared without any reviews or ratings. Some of the reviews on KOBO come from Goodreads, so after some discussion with the tech support people, I hopped over to Goodreads and added the new ISBN#’s as new editions there. That meant that the link from Goodreads to KOBO could find the books again, which is good. Thus far, KOBO’s engine isn’t finding reviews on Goodreads for all of my titles. It might be that it performs its search when the book is being published, and the link subsequently needs to be added manually. The KOBO tech guys are digging into that now and the reviews/ratings are back for most of the books this morning.

But it does appear that the reviews and ratings that were posted directly to KOBO for those books have disappeared for good.

So, if you wrote a review for one of my books on KOBO or posted a rating there, that’s why it’s gone. If you’d like to add it again and hook it to the new edition, that would be marvelous. I think all the Smashwords editions have disappeared from KOBO now – you can tell which are the new ones because under the price and author name, the listing says “Deborah A. Cooke, July 2012.” That’s me, my new publisher. 🙂

We’re might see this glitch again as I migrate editions on other portals, so I’ll let you know when things are on the move.