Because I know that some of you really like print editions of books (and because I like them too) I decided to dip my toes into the print-on-demand pond a little bit. The result is new print editions of the Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy.

They are more expensive than the original mass market paperback editions, both because they are POD and because they are trade paperbacks. The list price of each book is $14.99US.  I’m quite happy with the quality of the final books and I’ve tried to ensure that they look worth it. They have those lovely new covers from Kim Killion on them, too.

Here are the buy links:



THE SNOW WHITE BRIDE – which includes “The Ballad of Rosamunde” as a bonus read.

You can also order them on (and maybe other outlets too.) The discount code offered to readers through my listserve, Chestwick, only works on the links above – and it’s only good until Valentine’s Day.