My medieval romance, THE SCOUNDREL was originally published by Warner Books (later called Grand Central Publishing). The mass market edition had the ISBN#0-446-61111-5. It was also published in hard cover by Rhapsody Book Club, with the ISBN#0-7394-3642-2. Neither of these editions are available new anymore, but you might find a used copy.

You can read the cover copy and an excerpt on my site, HERE.

I’ve re-released the book in a digital edition.

• Kindle for Amazon link HERE.

• Smashwords link HERE. The Smashwords EPUB edition is assigned the ISBN#978-1-4580-3611-7. This will perk through to other outlets and formats, including Apple and KOBO.

• Barnes & Noble link HERE.

• Sony Reader link HERE.

• All Romance eBooks link HERE.

THE SCOUNDREL is also available from KOBO, Apple, Diesel and Scrollmotion.

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