Love Potion #9

The digital re-release of LOVE POTION #9 is available on Amazon in a Kindle edition. It’s $2.99 and here’s the link.

This book was originally published in 1999. It’s always tempting to dig in and revise, but I’ve decided to just correct typos in these previously published works – they’ll be pretty much the same as the original print edition.

You can read the copy and some review quotes for LOVE POTION #9 on my site, right HERE.

I think I’m getting better at designing covers!

Also appearing in a Kindle edition shortly is a dark little short story that I wrote about ten years ago but never published. It was so different from everything I’d done before. Now I see that it was first in a line that includes “Coven of Mercy”, my vampire short story, and The Prometheus Project, FALLEN, GUARDIAN and REBEL.

The creepy short story is called “The Leaves” and is 99 cents on Amazon.

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