Becky won the ARC yesterday! Congrats to Becky!

I haven’t heard yet from Romance Junkies about who won the ARC there, but it often takes a few days for them to tally things up after one of their promo events. They are wild parties!

There’s a third ARC up for grabs – tomorrow I’ll be guest-blogging at a new joint blog about shapeshifters, called Shapeshifter Romance. We’ll talk about dragons tomorrow. You can have a peek here or wait for tomorrow’s link.

Tameka also asked in the comments whether I had a yahoo groups loop, which I do. It’s announcement only – subscribers get a monthly update from me around the first of the month. I also ping my members when there’s a contest here. You’ll hear about all of my books, not just the Dragonfire series. The listserve is called Chestwick on yahoogroups and here’s a link to subscribe.

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