Comments on Contests

Not to be a nag, but several of you have disqualified yourselves from winning. I need an email addy for you to qualify to win. This is that I can email you that you have won. The email address that you type into the comment form when you comment is visible only to the moderators on this blog – that’s me. I never re-use or re-sell email addies – I only need one to let you know if you have won.

So if you put in a nonsense email addy, you still have a chance to enter the contest for real. Enter again with a working email addy and you’ll be eligible to win.
And no, Laura, cyber-stalking does not help your chances – exactly the opposite, in fact! 🙂

And no, Dawn, I’m not going to tell you what does or can happen in subsequent books! This blog is a Dragonfire no-spoiler zone. You’ll learn lots more about Slayers in Donovan’s book, then even more in Erik’s book. You see, Erik remembers when they first came into existence.

Carla, your weather report made me laugh. Sounds all too familiar to me.

Trish and Kim and Becky and Pamk, I’m so glad you loved KISS OF FIRE – and, well, my boy, Quinn. He’s a yummy one. But then there’s Donovan…and then there’s Erik…and then…! Lots of yummy Dragonfire dudes.