New Pub Date for Dragon’s Mate

Dragon's Mate, book 4 of the DragonFate series of paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke

I’ve moved the publication date for Hadrian and Rania’s story to November 24. Dragon’s Mate has been challenging to write—these two characters have run off with the story multiple times and made it into their own. I love when this happens because it creates a better book, but I also want to ensure that the book is published as it should be. This extra month will give me time to think about the story and ensure all the ends are tucked into place. I’ll be able to get the print edition published in advance of the ebook, and will be able to give my ARC reviews more than a heartbeat to read the book.

How this will shake down for you varies by portal. Apple and Kobo allow me to change the publication date and I’ve done that already. Nook had some issues this month, but I’ve managed to update the publication date there, as well. There isn’t a pre-order at GooglePlay, so there’s nothing to change or update there. I asked Amazon if they’ll move my pre-order by a month and they agreed so pre-orders there will remain in place.

If you follow me on Amazon, you will likely get a release announcement for Dragon’s Mate next Tuesday, even though the book won’t be published. It appears that the dates on those announcements can’t be changed or updated.

I appreciate your understanding and support on this. 2020 has been quite a year so far and not an easy one for creative endeavors. I hope things settle down soon. In the meantime, I’m thinking about changing my processes for the future. More about that in another blog post, coming soon.

The Crusader’s Bride

The Crusader's Bride, a medieval romance by Claire DelacroixThose of you who are very observant will have noticed that I’ve slid the publication date for The Crusader’s Bride out to June. This is more fall-out from my being sick, and from Firestorm Forever becoming such a big book.

It’s only up for pre-order at iBooks and Kobo, and both of these portals simply adjust the delivery date to reflect the change.

In future, I’m only going to list pre-orders for books that are done. That means the pre-order period will be shorter, but it also means that dates won’t move any more. Thanks for your patience!

Updating the Schedule

Each time I finish writing a book, then finish all the publishing tasks that are now my responsibility, I refine my understanding of how long everything takes. I know how long it takes me to write a book, but all the other stuff is still a bit squishy. Every time it firms up, something changes so the refinement needs another tweak.

What’s changed this summer is my ability to offer a pre-order at Apple much sooner than I was able to do before. Like a traditional publisher, I can set up an “asset-less” pre-order – that means the book can be listed for sale before the book file is completed and uploaded to the portal. This is extremely cool, and will make ordering much easier for you. The twist with an opportunity like this is that I can’t mess up: if one of my books is ever NOT available on the listed on sale date, then I lose this opportunity forever. I really don’t want that to happen.

So, I’ve calculated all my upcoming publication dates and added some squish for  variables (like subcontractors becoming busy) and then added another chunk of time just to make sure all is good. I”m hoping that this will work smoothly, that I’ll have a little less stress, and even that I’ll have some time in between to work on new projects for 2015 publication. My hope is to publish linked books much more closely together in 2015.

The wonderful thing about this strategy (which maybe makes up for pushing back the dates now) is that from this point on, when the cover is done, I’ll give you a firm publication date. 🙂 And yes, I’m hoping one day to get a pre-order capability at Amazon. That one’s tough, but I’m working on it.

Here’s where we stand:
Beguiled – on sale July 24, with a pre-order available now at iTunes and KOBO.

The Frost Maiden’s Kiss – on sale August 26, with a pre-order available now at KOBO and one processing at iTunes.

The Warrior’s Prize – on sale December 29. The pre-order will be available at KOBO and iTunes in the next week or so.

Firestorm Forever – on sale February 2015. I’ll pick a date when the cover is done, and it’ll be available for pre-order at KOBO and iTunes then.