Changes at the Store

My online store is going The Snow White Bride, book #3 of the Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy of Scottish medieval romances by Claire Delacroixthrough another change. Or maybe it’s a revision. 🙂 The update is based upon what you all DO in the store. The most popular items in the store are the free  excerpts that you can download. You also like the family trees (also free) and some of you pick up copies of my free books there. Quite a number of you buy signed print copies of my books in the store. Very, very, very few of you buy digital books in the online store, probably because you have a favorite portal and like to shop there.

The store currency was US$, because I had to adhere to Amazon’s pricing policies and ensure that the list price in the Amazon store for my digital books was equal to or lower than the price on that same digital book at any other portal. Some of you in Canada questioned why the print books were priced in US$ (and the postage was converted to US$) since we were all in Canada. The Amazon TOS was why.

One More Time, book #3 in the Coxwell Series of contemporary romances, by Deborah CookeBUT, I’ve removed the digital books from sale in the online store. Now the store offers free content and signed print books. The store currency is now Canadian $ and I’ve used Selz’ new postage calculator to make the postage charges more accurate. (You’ll find the postage works out best for three trade paperbacks instead of just one.)

AND EVEN BETTER, there’s a sale in the store. 🙂 The covers have changed on some titles, so the older editions are on sale. I also have far too many print books in my inventory, and they need new homes. There will be more books added as I dig into the boxes, but there are lots listed already.

Check out the sale books right here.