The Romance Reviews

I have a new profile page at The Romance Reviews – you can find it right here.

This is a site that reviews romances. Once I’m approved as an author, I’ll list my new books with them.

I’ve actually been quite pathetic about getting my books to reviewers since going indie, but am now trying to get more organized in that regard. The landscape of reviews has changed considerably – I suspect that many people rely upon the reviews posted by other readers at the online portals and at Goodreads.

Where else do you look for reviews?

• I have sent the first two Champion books to InD’Tale magazine, and they’ve reviewed The Crusader’s Bride.

• I don’t think there’s much point in pursuing reviews from the industry standards like Publishers’ Weekly, Kirkus Reviews or Library Journal since they’re geared to bookstore buyers. Plus I don’t like that they require indie authors to pay a fee for consideration.

• Romantic Times used to be the go-to place for romance reviews, but they have a long lead time, which seems very long for indie books. I’m not going to delay publication of my books on the chance that I might be reviewed there.

So, I’m a bit stumped. Where do you look for reviews of romances? Are there blogs that you find helpful when looking for new historical romance reads? New paranormal reads? Give me some suggestions, please!